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Our students are our greatest advocates. Find out what they have to say about student life at LCCA.

What our Students Say

Arianna Staibano

HND Computer Game Animation

I really enjoy the course. Our programme manager and tutors are very helpful and attentive, making sure that we achieve our goals. My 3D modelling skills have improved since I started the course at LCCA. 

Iraide Garai

HND in Fashion & Textiles

My classmates are all from different cultures and backgrounds from all around the world, so it also helps me to learn more about others.

Emily Faulder

HND Photography

LCCA’s photography course is so diverse and I’ve learnt so much during my first year, so I’m excited to embark on my second year.

Viña Amor Lim Romero

Short Course

My LCCA experience enabled me to embrace a whole new horizon of fashion and design. The exposure gave me the right amount of confidence to continue my passion.

Mary Martin (BEFFTA Excellence Award Winner)

HND in Fashion & Textiles

I loved being at LCCA. It has built my confidence in regards to my passion. I was always told that I had a flair for fashion, but studying at LCCA has really helped to bring this out in me. I have had a great deal of contact with the industry: days out at clothes factories, going to shows, and excursions to wholesale material facilities are only a few examples. It has been amazing and exciting.

Monica Mardare

HND in Fashion & Textiles

My course at LCCA helped me understand how you can create your own designs, how to translate inspiration into a real garment and how you can express your ideas into images. The classes have also helped to get a better image of how the real industry is like.”

Joseph Richard Bagnall

Foundation in Art & Design

I have enjoyed getting to know my tutors and learning from them. They have been great mentors. The lectures were very good and informative and getting to know the various techniques of drawing systems was exciting and very interesting. One of my favourite memories at LCCA was a cubism drawing session with a rotating still life.

Nere Ku

Short Course

I thought it would be scary to be in a foreign country but the people from LCCA were so hospitable that I forgot that I was away from home. The main reason why I will be back in London, besides the beautiful sceneries is because of the warm and friendly people especially from LCCA.

Gladiys Obaze

Access to HE Diploma in Fashion

The garment and construction lessons have been very interesting. The continuous feedback has helped us to develop skills and learn new techniques in fashion design. The school is a good place to learn.

Botond Bartha

HND Photography

By supporting exhibitions and guest speaker events LCCA does a great job. I hope students will realise this great opportunity and make the most of it.

Sabrina Fozilova

Foundation in Art & Design

The Foundation in Art and Design course is excellent. My fondest memories at LCCA include the first time when I learned about drawing techniques and when we worked on creating a costume using geometric shapes cut out of cardboard paper. It was hard work but the costume looked amazing when we finished it.

Jinia Tasnin

Foundation in Art & Design

This is a great place to develop your conceptualising skills for your art portfolio. We are constantly being motivated to add depth and breadth to our work whilst being inspired by contextual and contemporary art and design.

Daniel Balica

HND Photography

Studying photography at LCCA gave me some opportunities to enter the industry, and also opened my horizons as to what the photography industry is about. I feel more prepared now.

Sandy Sohal

HND Photography

I feel that I have learned so much compared to when I first started over a year ago. The time has flown by and I can’t believe I’m already in my 2nd year! The highlight of the course  for me was having two of my images chosen for display in a photography exhibition earlier this year. For me it was a personal achievement, and made me feel a lot more confident in my own work. See my work up there on the wall and have people genuinely interested in it made me really happy.

Aurel Ficiu

HND Graphic Design

It is a great course to develop knowledge and improve skills in graphic design. Experienced tutors are always helping students achieve their study goals and unlock their creativity and potential.


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