On 14 December, LCCA students from the BA Graphic Design course had the opportunity to visit Fedrigoni Imaginative Papers Studio in Clerkenwell Road. 

Fedrigoni was established in 1888 and specialises in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper products. 

LCCA students were lucky to pay them a visit, accompanied by Sandra Djukic, BA Graphic Design course manager: “Having Fedrigoni Studio in our close vicinity in Clerkenwell is a great privilege for our students. They not only have access to their entire catalogue and sample collection, but are also invited to come whenever in need of inspiration and advice about paper. 

“The highlight of the visit was the tactility. The digital realm has certainly taken over a big majority of graphic design communication, however books, posters, catalogues, publications, flyers, business cards, magazines, etc are still an inescapable route in visual communication. We are still beings of flesh and we have a need to use our sense of touch (smooth, gloss, rough), smell (raw or composite), sight (white, off-white, blue, rainbow), sound (pages, torn, light, heavy) and why not even the sense for a good taste in paper.”