On Tuesday 17 September, LCCA HND Fashion and Textiles students held their final year presentation, followed by a private exhibition. 

The students showcased their work on live models, before partaking in a Q&A session. With multi-wear pieces, in-depth research and mood boards filled with inspiration, LCCA students exhibited inventive, dynamic items.

HND Fashion and Textiles students Zana, Anniko, Nina, Lorenna, Stella and Natalia challenged the ordinary and took risks in their equally unique collections. They all chose individual concepts for their collections, which they then developed and characterised by identifying the type of person the clothing was intended for and bringing them to life.

“I knew I would push boundaries; I didn’t focus on garments, I focused on art,'' said Aniko Sarkozi.

Presenting sketched illustrations and discussing each stage of the design process, it was intriguing to see their initial idea versus the end result. After watching the models demonstrate the movement of the garments and how they should be worn, the audience was invited to browse through the collection booths and look-books.

Reflecting on the overall creative journey and what the students have learnt Stelios Geros, Associate Lecturer HNC-D Fashion and Textiles said: “With everybody’s own aesthetics coming out and by experimenting with different processes and techniques, students will be able to envision what type of designer they want to be”.

With design styles amongst their creations ranging from drapes, moving elements, pleats, laser-cutting, knots, stiff lining, spikes and a hand-made harness, it’s clear to see that no detail was spared.

“Students have come a very long way from where they started from and have found their individuality by pushing themselves to their limits,'' said Jenny Schwarz, HNC-D Fashion and Textiles Course Manager.