On Sunday 20 October, Sadie Clayton, BA Fashion Design Course Manager at London College of Contemporary Arts, was interviewed on BBC1 Sunday Morning Live, to discuss her collaboration with humanoid robot “Ai-Da”.

Sadie will be working alongside Ai-Da at the Tate Modern art museum as part of their four-day programme, “Tech,” exploring black creativity and technology.

Providing the perfect platform for a human and humanoid to work together, Sadie creates mood boards, which Ai-Da in-return responds to via abstract illustrations.

“For me being a human and having a creative brain and working with essentially a machine, allows me to have that individual design space. The fact that I don’t know what’s going to come from my input is very intriguing” said Sadie.

Choosing to incorporate copper in her latest creation, as it is a conduct of spirituality which repels negativity, a creative explosion is to be expected when the creative brain of Sadie collides with artificially intelligent Ai-Da.

“I’m intrigued by the idea of AI and fascinated by a machine in the form of a human, I love the idea of playing with the process of design which would usually be done by a human, but instead via a humanoid, which brings new and surprising outcomes to life.

“I guess it’s the unknown that I’m inspired by, as I’m left to develop and create according to a process that’s created from a robot” said Sadie.