LCCA hosted an industry insight event with professional photographer Olivier Hess.

Olivier Hess has studied Photo-Media in London and has learned the craft of production across different countries. He has successfully established his own business, having commissioned for clients such as Airbus Group, BMW Group, Google, Range Rover, Apple Inc. and Volkswagen. He has also published his work in various international magazines. From personal projects with oil wrestlers in Turkey to commercial commissions for Carl Zeiss in Germany, Olivier enjoys the diversity that comes with his work. 

In his talk, Olivier has covered major areas of interest for future photography professionals, taking students on a journey that involves passion for the craft, willingness to learn, commitment to be great and thinking outside of the box. 

Students found the event very informative, greatly insightful and inspiring; they were delighted to have the opportunity to receive advice from a great artist and entrepreneur.

The event has concluded with portfolio review sessions, where Olivier Hess has provided students with invaluable feedback on their work as well as tailored advice.