Voyager 2 - Art Exhibition


Welcome to Voyager 2. 

LCCA alumna Mélanie Chappuis, together with Hae Dn and Danae are pleased to invite you to the opening night of their exhibition 'Voyager 2' - an extension of their previous exhibition 'Voyager 1'.

The exhibition focuses on a space probe from the NASA space programme which studies the outer solar system. It's aimed to communicate a story to the outer-world and search for extraterrestrial intelligence. On board of Voyager 1, NASA has placed a golden record that contains images and a variety of natural sounds. Inspired by the contents of the golden record, we wanted to show different traces of humanity and a general aspect of our lives through visuals and sounds we produced.

Our work is influenced by the data inside the golden record, it showed the past, present, and future of humankind. We used different mediums ranging from paintings, textiles to video installations. This diversity represents our individual personalities and own stories.

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Date: 26 April 

Time:  6 pm – 10 pm

Venue: LCCA Gallery