Voyager 1 - Art Exhibition

LCCA alumni Mélanie Chappuis and Hae Dn Kim welcome you to their exhibition: Voyager 1.

Voyager 1 is a spacecraft from the NASA Space programme which studies the outer planets of the solar system. It's the furthest object NASA has sent to interstellar.

On-board the spacecraft, NASA has placed a golden record that contains sounds, music and images from Earth. I am inspired by the golden record from Voyager 1 and wanted to show the evolution of life through visuals and sounds.

This is how Mélanie wishes to represent humanity to the outside world.

Instagram @melonaws and @hae_dn_kim 



Venue: LCCA 9 Holborn Campus

Date: 17- 21 September 

Time:  9am to 6pm