LCCA End of Year Showcase 2021

On Thursday 27 May, LCCA hosted the 2021 End of Term Showcase. Students from all LCCA portfolio of courses from Foundation to Postgraduate were invited to create their masterpieces in a creative response to an open brief through the lens of equality and what it means to them. The students ran with the brief and responded with enthusiasm, coupled with dedication, diligence and hard work.  


The talent, creativity and attention to detail across varied mediums, materials and modalities were remarkable and a testament to the hard work of students and staff. The inspiring set of works displayed included garments, artwork, digital installations and more, collectively influenced by different cultures, materials and techniques. 


Academic staff and students were able to meet again after a year of online teaching and the showcase had a fantastic turnout, whilst remaining compliant with social distancing measures. Students explained their inspiration as well as the construction and deconstruction of their creative processes that led to their work. This reflects the dedication of the academic team in their ability to lead the students in their creative endeavours, during a very challenging time while working remotely.  


Dr Kate Armstrong, Head of College, who hosted the event said; “I was delighted to welcome students again and see creativity back on campus. This year has been challenging for all of us, but especially for our students, who in spite of these obstacles and with the support of a fantastic team of academics and industry professionals, have managed to produce high-quality work while relying on remote teaching.


“I am very impressed by their hard-work, skillset, and talent; this really shows the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit of what those studying in the creative industries can achieve at LCCA. I am impressed and proud of the work that they have achieved, it is at such a professional level. Bravo!”


Professor Philip Wilson, Group Chief Executive (Academic) of Colleges Division, Europe, who was present at the showcase added; “The quality of work and student narrative behind it was exceptional. The feedback and passion that the students have for their academic team and their studies was overwhelming and is a good reminder that of the custodian of our students’ hopes, dreams and aspirations.”


Watch our full-length video of this fantastic exhibition on YouTube: