Untitled.HND  - Graphic Design Final Year Exhibition 2019


The HND Graphic Design class of 2017 present their final year show, Untitled.HND "No printers were harmed in the making of this exhibition", on 18 October.

The event takes place in the LCCA Gallery and is open to the public from 3pm.

The show will display works by the following students:

  • Antonia Todorova
  • Claudia Do Carmo
  • Daria Bilac
  • Dave Luchmun
  • Elizabeth Michael
  • Ioana Josan
  • Marcio Fernandes
  • Tsvetelina Stoyanova
  • Venera Makridou

“Everybody is presenting something different. Some of us are presenting magazines, some designed packaging, some developed product concepts and branding identity. One of our colleagues created a pop-up book,” explained student, Ioana Josan.

Ioana described her idea of creating an eco-friendly coffee shop that serves drinks in reusable biodegradable cups. She found a supplier in Germany who provided her with cups made from recycled ground coffee that decompose within 30 years. 

“After many hours of work and sleepless nights, I am happy to present my final project, the 'No Waste Coffee Shop 30'. It is not just a design, it is a way of life that helps the environment. You don’t have do a lot or be extreme to reduce pollution and damage to the planet. If we all do our bit and bring little changes to our lifestyles, we can make big changes in the world,” Ioana recounted.

The concept of the coffee shop Ioana is presenting at the HND Graphic Design exhibition also includes tote bag designs, packaging using eco-friendly materials and a book about coffee that also includes easy ways to help the environment.

Tsvetelina Stoyanova is also presenting work at the exhibition. She explained: “bring your BFF to the TFF. That is the mote of my final project.” Tsvetelina created the concept of the Tasty Feast Festival (TFF) and designed the logos and the brand identity (including food packaging). She also created tote bags, condiment jars, recipe books and souvenirs, including a chopping board with the Tasty Feast logo laser engraved on it.

“Today, it is very trendy to eat healthy, organic and homegrown food, that gives you a homey feeling and reminds you of your childhood; this is what the Tasty Feast is about. You don’t have to be great in the kitchen to share good moments involving food with your friends,” says Tsvetelina. She explained that her concept is to create an experience rather than just design products and packaging.

By Raphael Michilis
Photo credit: design by Tsvetelina Stoyanova


Open to public: 

18 October  - 15:00 - 18:00 

Location: LCCA Gallery