Offering a wide range of contemporary creative subjects, more than 100 students graduated from LCCA last year. We caught up with some of our alumni and asked them about their time as a student at LCCA.

Elisa Fogli, fashion business

After graduating from LCCA, Elisa got accepted at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) to study MA Fashion Marketing and Management. She aspires to work for a renowned fashion brand or for a technology brand with fashion clients once she finishes her postgraduate course.

Elisa speaks highly of her programme leader, Silja Manninen. She said: “She was good to guide me to where I am now. The methodology I learnt during my studies at LCCA is the one that I implement in my master’s course at UCA.”

Ivana Puchlova, photography

Ivana is currently studying a BA in Photography at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University, and will be graduating in May.

“I made friends for life at LCCA,” Ivana told us. “It was like a small community, a friendly buzz. We used to do a lot of activities together. Tutors were very friendly and approachable, and Nana has been an incredible programme leader.”

Ivana is planning to exhibit her work at the LCCA gallery at 9 Holborn in future; we look forward to welcoming her.

Tsara Ahamadi, performing arts

"Studying at LCCA, I had the pleasure of working with my classmates and learnt from the best teachers. I feel that [what I learnt while doing my] coursework was invaluable: I learnt new techniques, performing skills, devising pieces and creations. Studying at LCCA has been a great privilege and seeing myself develop each day has indeed been most rewarding."

Sonya Nasir, fashion business

“My experience at LCCA was great. Throughout my course, I have not only been able to develop the knowledge to work within the industry but [I’ve] also [developed] as a person. Programme leader, Silja Manninen, was a great teacher and leader, always there to help whenever I needed her. She helped me cope through the hard times and always praised me at the best times. It was great being part of LCCA and I’m forever grateful for this experience.”

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