Are you a fashion enthusiast who doesn’t particularly want to join a fashion design course? Are you worried that this might be your only way to get into the fashion industry? There’s some good news for you!

Today, you don’t need to be a fashion designer or model to be a part of the $2.4 trillion-worth industry. A wide range of other creative disciplines like photography, graphic designing and UX development can also help you get a job in your dream industry.

Visual imagery and graphic designs make up a big part of marketing storytelling for fashion brands. Graphic designers are the magicians who make fashion brand marketing come to life so they are an indispensable part of any successful fashion brand.

Let’s explore the concept of fashion brand storytelling in-depth and how graphic designers can do their part in visual storytelling for fashion brands.

What is fashion brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is an important marketing technique in 2022 for all major fashion brands. It involves weaving an engaging story around the brand that is relatable to the target audience.

Fashion brand storytelling utilises different marketing strategies like social media campaigns, TV advertisements and print campaigns to connect with the audience. The purpose of brand storytelling is to help them understand what the brand stands for and what impact it hopes to achieve.

There are several successful examples of brand storytelling within the fashion world. For example, the shoe brand TOMS has created its brand story around charity. By donating a pair of shoes to underprivileged kids for every pair of shoes purchased, the brand has transformed itself into an image of benevolence.

Why is storytelling important for fashion brands?

Brand storytelling can be a great marketing technique for fashion brands if done right. An authentic and engaging brand story can attract new audiences and create brand loyalty.

Good storytelling can also create a positive memory among the public and spark the right emotions. Fashion brands can also use brand storytelling to create trust and confidence in their products.

How can graphic design help propel storytelling for fashion brands?

Today, visual content is a huge part of the fashion industry. If you pick up any fashion magazine, you will see beautiful images and collages embossed across the pages.

Fashion graphic design plays an important role in creating meaningful visual content for fashion brands and magazines. Visually stunning images and designs can make print or digital campaigns for fashion brands more memorable and engaging.

Here are some of the top ways in which graphic design for fashion can drive brand storytelling in 2022.

  1. It can create an imaginative canvas for a fashion brand to express its personality.
  2. Usage of bold colours and engaging graphics can help fashion collections and products stand out.
  3. A fashion brand has a presence beyond the glitz and glamour. Effective graphics and visuals can help brands express their objectives and goals.
  4. Graphic design can help brands capitalise on the latest marketing or industry trends.

Fashion storytelling isn’t just about highlighting the latest collections or the brand story. It also involves making consumers feel part of a bigger community. If a brand can communicate something through appealing aesthetics and strong graphic design, audiences will feel more connected to the brand.

What kind of practices should you follow if you are a graphic designer working for a fashion brand?

Graphic design can help brands nail the three elements of an effective brand story—the mood of the customer, how the products make consumers feel and the features that set the brand apart.

Here are some of the graphic design best practices that can enhance the storytelling of a fashion brand.

  1. Being specific about the target audience and pandering to a niche sector.
  2. Maintaining transparency about different brand operations and letting the audience know the core benefits of choosing that brand.
  3. Embracing boldness in their messaging and ensuring consistency in their branding across different campaigns, collections and products.
  4. Working with influencers and micro-creators to promote the brand.
  5. Get creative with the brand website and product descriptions instead of resorting to standard layouts, formatting or SEO descriptions.

How can you become an expert in graphic design for brand storytelling?

Improving your graphic design skills can make you an attractive resource for fashion brands looking to enhance their brand storytelling.

While it’s technically possible to learn graphic design on your own, investing in good graphic design courses in London can make the process much easier. Comprehensive graphic design courses can help you learn how to combine different visual elements to convey a powerful message.

The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) offers a BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme which can be a good fit for you if this is your field of interest. The course introduces you to industry-specific design tools and software that are used in graphic design and will give you the support to find your personal style.

Through the BA graphic design programme, you will learn about other aspects of the design process such as photography, printmaking and typography.

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