Are you interested in studying MA Fashion Retail and Luxury Management at LCCA? Take a look at what our MA students have to say about their LCCA experience.

Liliane Barroso

Liliane was drawn to LCCA because she was interested in the fashion retail and luxury management combination. Specialising in both aspects was something she felt would be incredibly useful.

“LCCA is perfect because they offer both [fashion retail and luxury management]. This allows me to gain skills in two different industries.”

An integral part of the MA Fashion Retail and Luxury Management is the internship, which Liliane believes will help when it comes to starting off her career.

“The internship we have to undertake gives me an insight into the business world. After my graduation, it will be easier for me to decide which department and company I want to work.”

Korallia-Aikaterini Gkrimopoulou

Korallia loves the fact that LCCA lies at the heart of London, where the fashion industry thrives. This was one of the main reasons she chose to study at the college. She also likes the convenience of her timetable.

A typical weekday for Korallia starts with a morning class from 10:00 - 13:00 and continues with an afternoon class from 14:00 - 17:00.

“I like that classes take place three times a week; this enables me to study and work at the same time. Lecturers have good knowledge of their fields of interest and they are helpful and cooperative. Workshops are useful and worth attending. This course has increased my knowledge of marketing and management of luxury brands, as well as retail.”

Korallia especially enjoys attending lectures which are more focused on luxury brands. She explained how she finds it fascinating to learn how brands built their way up to the luxury market, as well as the challenges they face in the world of online retail.

Alena Semenova

Alena reiterates Korallia’s views: “The tutors are perfect - the way they teach us is excellent. [My current] semester is the best part of our course, especially because of the professional tutors.”

Alena also enjoys the guest speaker events, which are held at LCCA around twice a month, as well as exhibition and fashion store visits which are organised by the tutors.

Koneva Xenia

The MA Fashion Retail and Luxury Management course appealed to Koneva as it suited her career development plans. 

“The course gave me a clear understanding of the luxury management business as well as helping me gain more professional experience,” she said.

“The tutors and lecturers are great and the technicians are always helpful. The library provides us with key literature and resources which is great.”

Koneva recommends that all students have a clear idea of what they’re planning to do in terms of career before committing to a course.

Elina Aijala

Thinking back to when she applied for LCCA, Elina said: “LCCA has a clear and interesting website. When I contacted the administration and told them I was interested in applying for the course, I was immediately informed about and helped with the application process.”

“I have enjoyed the course and find the small size of my class to be beneficial. I like how we have taken advantage of all kinds of fashion events happening in London over the past year, such as London Fashion Week, and Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes exhibitions.”

Alina holds a bachelor’s degree in legal studies. She found it challenging to have an artistic insight in the beginning, but the course has taught her to think more creatively.

“Since my background does not have anything to do with fashion, I was not quite sure what to expect when I started. It is something totally different and I have really liked it so far. The lecturers differ a lot, some of them are more academic while others bring a more creative insight.”

Elina is set to graduate in the summer and is already working in the fashion industry.