This week, GUS Careers Services successfully launched a four-day Business Bootcamp for students studying business and hospitality at London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) and St Patrick’s (STP).  

The bootcamp targeted budding entrepreneurs and the first three days were led by industry professionals from different organisations. This included The National Lottery and the Black Business Directory - currently the only UK-based online business networking directory for black-owned businesses. The fourth day was a marketing masterclass led by the careers team. 

The guest speakers were excited to continue building a future relationship with the STP careers team as they recognised the meaningful value in linking educational theory with real- life situations. 

Ibrahim Coateh, Business Lecturer,  attended the National Lottery presentation and commented: "This is fantastic and what students need. I am definitely going to tell other lecturers to support this."

Nitin Gupta, Director of Student Services, said: “It is encouraging to see many future business leaders within St Patrick’s. Generally, these students face many other challenges in their personal lives, but with the right measure of support and self-determination, they can achieve beyond their wildest expectations. I am very pleased this Business Bootcamp has got off to a great start."

George Brown, Careers Services Manager, said: “I was surprised to see such vast entrepreneurial spirit amongst St Patrick’s and LCCA students. Clearly there is a need for more of these business opportunities for all students within GUS.

To continue building on the success of this week’s initiative, GUS Careers Services is planning to widen the reach of the Business Bootcamp through networking with GUS institutions, bringing greater opportunities for new and current students.