LCCA recently welcomed Iain O'Neill , Head of Innovation and Technology at Corona Energy, for an interactive talk about the journey through education, innovation and growth.

Drawing on his experience and beliefs, Iain O'Neill took students on a journey as to how education contributed to his success and highlighted how students can make the most of the skills they acquire during their studies. He spoke about the relationship he sees between innovation and business growth, before finally touching on leadership, engagement and expectations and advice for candidates.

The event was a huge success with great interaction between the speaker and students. As a last piece of advice for students Iain said:

“Think of life like a maze with many different paths.  If one doesn’t get you to where you want, find another and ultimately, with your end in mind, you will get there.”

Mihaela Dareiscu, Course Manager for BA in Hospitality Management said:

“It was amazing today, the students were well engaged. The topic, at least for hospitality, fit amazingly with what was delivered in the class. Moreover, the event offered the opportunity for students to enhance their employability skills.”