Dubbed 'Vans World', the new experience will blend skateboarding, fashion and community, and serve as a 3D space where users of the video game platform can practice their ollies and kickflips, and try-on and acquire exclusive Vans gear directly in the experience.

Fans will be able to create their own unique style or build their perfect board. Four Vans silhouettes will be available for fans to customize, purchase, and wear in the experience.

“Individual expression is deeply embedded in skate culture, and Vans has been supporting and enabling this exact type of creativity for more than 50 years,” said Nick Street, Vans vice president of global integrated marketing.

“With the Vans World experience on Roblox, we are empowering creative expression in the digital world, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world fashion and sports in an accessible, inclusive way. Vans is a global icon and advocate for youth culture, and we’re thrilled to bring this authentic brand experience to the millions of Vans enthusiasts where they are — on Roblox.”

The Vans World experience, including the brand’s featured skate shoes, was created by Vans in partnership with Roblox community developers, The Gang Stockholm. Via FashionNetwork