Sleeping Forest Exhibition - Exhibition

Sleeping Forest is the first London solo show by artist and illustrator Mamen Morillas, presented by the College of Contemporary Arts and curated by Agnese Reginaldo.

The exhibition is a walk through nature, memories and dreams. it is a place between cruel reality and a fairy tale; it brings together diverse research that sews a story and builds up an unique body of work.

Sleeping Forest tells about an ongoing journey through a millenary forest of chestnut trees: sometimes dwelling, sometimes place of fight yet magic, and where reality and fiction merge into an autobiographical story with daydream nuances. The exhibition displays paintings and drawings of the first walk through the forest, part of the series Invisible Ecosystem combined into new group of embroidering of neurons and a final installation of ceramics from which the exhibition takes name. Sleeping Forest is a play of materials, surfaces, colours and textures that recreates a nostalgic yet dreamy place to live forever.

 Private Viewing: 28 April, 18:00 – 21:00

Open to public: 29 April - 05 May, 09:00- 18:00


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