Where a fashion design degree can take you

Career paths in the fashion industry and how to find your niche

Karoliina Cardullo is an experienced Product Developer, who has worked for luxury brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Burberry and Reiss in various capacities, from fashion designer to product developer. She will be speaking to LCCA students about various roles within the fashion industry, with the scope to broaden student’s awareness of career options available to fashion graduates.

Students will be able to learn about various roles within a fashion company headquarters, and will be taken onto a journey through the development stages of a collection, in order to see where each department comes into play and what they do.

There are a lot more jobs within fashion design and development than most students are aware of.

Students will also be able to see key garments along with their sketches and technical sheets, that will illustrate key phases of the production, as well as getting an idea of all the various roles and functions within each department.