For example, you would recognise the golden arches of McDonald’s from anywhere and be urged to head there for some food. Similarly, the orange and blue colour scheme of FedEx would be the first thing you remember when you want to send across a package.

Iconography and graphic designs also form an important part of pop culture in 2021. From funky designs on Instagram to elaborate murals on handmade soaps, you can find a tonne of inspirations that graphic designers use for their work.

Whether you are a designer or an aspiring designer, it can be rewarding to follow the latest design trends that surface each year. Incorporating them in your designs can help your work stay relevant and attractive to potential clients. The graphic designing trends to dominate the market in 2021 seem to heavily borrow from science fiction and futuristic technology.

Here is a list of the top graphic design trends in 2021 which can add depth to your work.

  1.   Abstract psychedelia

Psychedelia as an art concept which originally had its roots in the art scene of the 60s and was associated with creative experimentation and hallucinogens. The designs in this concept are linked to the opening of one’s mind.

This year, however, abstract psychedelia has made a comeback to denote the chaotic times of the present. The chaotic imagery in the designs reflects the fact that present constraints can’t bind our thoughts.

The designs are made vibrant through their excessive usage of colours and intricate swirls. Some designs feature symmetry in the intricate art, perhaps suggesting that you can stay grounded even in the toughest of circumstances.

  1.   Symbol revival

Symbols have historically been used to identify with a cause or convey a warning. For instance, the circle with a fork and line symbolises peace, while a red-filled octagon denotes danger in every country.

In 2021, graphic designers are leveraging the power of classic symbols to create designs and icons of empowerment and growth. The trend is also witnessing the modernisation of classic motifs like medieval crests or gods and goddesses.

  1.   Seamless surrealism

Surrealism is a popular art concept that is associated with abstract imagery that doesn’t make sense. The trend resurfaced in 2020 when the pandemic seemed surreal to many around the world.

This concept involves taking different objects or characters out of their context to give them new meanings and attributes. For instance, a visible sky out of a tattered shoe could indicate the resolve and determination it takes to reach your dreams and aspirations.

  1.   Retro-futurism

The term retro-futurism seems a contradiction since it combines the past and the future. Design-wise, the term refers to the science-fiction concepts of the past and the ways humankind have got it wrong.

However, retro-futurism as a visual design trend combines bold imagination with an optimistic outlook. The designs in this concept believe in the power of human progress and scientific ingenuity despite our errors and mistakes. The designs can contain a lot of bright colours, space elements, and computer-inspired typography.


Apart from these, other graphic designing trends inspiring designers in 2021 include socially conscious designs, irrelevant characters, and natural elements. Pursuing a graphic design career can allow you to play around with these trends to create unforgettable designs and portfolios.

A career in the graphic design industry can be fulfilling and financially rewarding. A salary report suggests that entry-level graphic designing jobs can offer anywhere from around £26,000 to £38,000 annually. You can also choose from a wide range of career roles, from multimedia designers to graphic artists.

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