On October 18, LCCA graduates had their final collections showcased at the Collective Individualism Fashion Show.

Hosted at St Andrew Holborn Church, the venue was spectacularly transformed for the event, which kicked off to the sound of church bells before the opening, dubstep-style catwalk music announced the arrival of the first collection from Nicola Bacchilega.

Reanaldo Belle’s menswear collection, Military Surfer, certainly stood out on the runway; the black scuba and mesh garments and eerie masks bore a striking opposition to the show’s religious setting. Reanaldo took his inspiration from World War I uniforms. Another military-inspired collection came from designer, Tina Arhin. Her collection, Bomber Command, presented a more traditional approach to military attire.

Berna Ayguel’s collection went above and beyond double denim, with multi-shade, layered denim sleeves and denim bellbottom trousers. Adebola Awoyemi’s collection, 4Honey, incorporated classic looking garments and intricate embellishments. Adebola was inspired by art deco and building structure.

The beautiful colours used in Margarita Zuluga’s Kuna Sketches: Myths and Legends collection only appeared brighter under the spotlight; stitched to contrasting black fabric, the bright colours stood big and bold. Margarita drew on inspiration from Colombian tribal clothing, decorating her dresses with floral and animal patterns.

Sibu Dladla’s collection drew on themes such as anime, minimalism and post-apocalyptic art. His themes clearly shone through in his edgy menswear collection, which had a certain sci-fi feel to it.

Bringing a magical twist to the show was Zainab Abdullah’s collection, A Walk through the Secret Garden. Her floral patterned garments incorporated eye-catching sparkle, and Zainab even included extracts from The Secret Garden novel in part of her collection.

A 200-strong audience turned out to watch the show, which was also broadcast live on Facebook. Among those in attendance were LCCA Executive Dean and Managing Director, Sagi Hartov, GUS CEO, Aaron Etingen, and several fashion bloggers.

Commenting on the event, Executive Director, Sagi Hartov, said: “On Tuesday night, each student’s creation was an expression coming to the stage and all of us here at LCCA were very impressed by what we saw.”

“We’re proud to have taken students from different backgrounds and taken them to a level where they are ready to enter the fashion industry. Many of our students have done very well, and now have a career. Some are even appearing in leading fashion shows around the UK and Europe.”

LCCA would like to congratulate everyone who took part in this year’s fashion show.