LCCA offers a range of courses that will qualify you to join the world of web design. Find out about the role of a web designer today.

If you’re a creative bee but also have a love of the latest tech, this is the perfect role for you.

Web designers are in charge of creating and coding webpages. They’ll usually have a brief to adhere to set by a client.  As well as this technical side, it’s important for designers to also create graphics which will be displayed on sites.

To gain the highest salary you can, ensure that you are one of the first in your field to learn about the latest technologies.

Entering the sector

It’s possible to enter this career path from a variety of routes. You can decide to study either a computer-based degree or a more creative degree, though you will have to prove to employers that you have good knowledge in both areas.

Skills required

It’s ideal to have a range of skills – many of which are desired in a variety of areas. Some are more common including teamwork, meeting deadlines and problem solving.

Other tasks such as great attention to detail are more required in this type of role.

Specific IT skills you’ll need are mastering a range of software:

HTML, Javascript, Python, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress to name just a few.

This is generally a 9-5 job, however, longer hours some evenings may be required if you are aiming to meet a deadline. You will likely work in an office, though you may have to travel a little in order to meet with clients and discuss briefs.

Work experience

Before you seriously break into the industry, you may want to carry out some work experience. You can do this by helping to assist smaller business with their sites to slowly start building up a portfolio.

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