Entitled TommyXRomeo, it’s a meeting of the iconic American designer with Hunte in what the duo bill as a blend of Hilfiger’s Manhattan prep and Hunte’s Brooklyn street style.
The result is a punchy, powerful and somehow very perceptive capsule that combines the best of both talents – a veteran global phenomena and The Next Big Thing in American fashion. 

Their link-up includes canary yellow puffers in a woven pattern; bitter orange tactical vests - urban fisherman-style - with criss-cross body bags; some great multi-stripe button-down shirts; and Carnaby cool deconstructed trench coats. Two key accessories also seem destined to be must-haves: a Timberland-style duck boot hiker hybrid for polished dudes and a heeled gabardine and denim lace-up boot with soccer toe for fierce females. 
The pair began working on the capsule in January 2021. So this whole collection was made during lockdown. They actually did a test run two years ago, with an early Hunte collection supplied by Hilfiger and liked it so much they upped the ante with a proper capsule.

That continues very much with TommyXRomeo, which is part of what Hilfiger calls its People’s Place Program, created to allow emerging creators from BIPOC communities to increase their visibility in front of, and behind, the camera. Via FashionNetwork