This look contributed to the fame of the great German fashion designer, and from this Friday, September 10,  it will also adorn a selection of digital figurines, the very first NFT of the brand he himself founded.

Just like the art world, the fashion industry has embraced NFTs, non-fungible tokens that represent digital objects, from artworks to clothing and fashion accessories. The possibilities seem endless, as proven today by the Karl Lagerfeld brand, which is offering its first collection of NFTs in the form of digital figurines featuring the great German fashion designer and photographer, as revealed by Women's Wear Daily (WWD).

It will be available starting Friday, September 10, Karl Lagerfeld's date of birth. Customers of the brand and those nostalgic for the emblematic look of the great designer will be able to buy themselves an animated figurine in his likeness with, of course, all the clothes and accessories that are the signature of the former artistic director of the house Chanel.

Available to buy via The Dematerialised platform, the NFTs will be available in a limited edition, and in two versions. The first will be available at a price of 77 euros, and this for 777 consumers, while the second, more luxurious but also rarer, will be sold for 177 euros in just 77 examples. The number 7 was chosen as a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld who considered it his lucky number. Specialised site WWD specifies that it will be possible to update the look of the figurine later. Via FashionNetwork