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Commonly used fashion phrases and their meanings

26, Sep , 2016
Erin O'Neill

Different communities often use their own particular vocabulary, and it’s no different with fans of fashion. The language used to describe garments and jewels can be as colourful as the clothes and accessories themselves. So stop confusing avant garde with au courant, and get up to speed with some of the most common fashion phrases in the English language.

Even if fashion isn’t your bag, just checking out some new vocabulary will do nothing but help you on your path towards fluency in English. You can never know enough new words and phrases. Erin O’Neill, writer for The Language Gallery, shares some commonly used fashion phrases.

What can I do with a fashion degree?

23, Aug , 2016
Claire Payne

If you’re considering taking a bachelor’s degree in fashion, or even half way through studying one already, you may find yourself wondering where your studies are going to lead you.

Looking closely at postgraduate education and industry roles your degree could help you secure, this page will help you understand the opportunities available to you after graduating from a BA Fashion course.

LCCA interviews Ted Baker’s Michelle Evatt

06, Jun , 2016
Jackson Netto

Earlier this year, LCCA was honoured to have Ted Baker women’s design manager, Michelle Evatt, deliver an industry guest speaker event live at The Gallery. Michelle recently took time out of her busy schedule to give LCCA an exclusive interview, answering some of our students’ burning questions.

The fashion industry is known for providing a fast-paced and exciting working environment for its thousands of employees; Michelle reflected on some of the highlights from her ten years spent at Ted Baker so far.

LCCA fashion students at London Fashion Week

11, Mar , 2016
Jackson Netto

Last month brought the bi-annual London Fashion Week, presenting the Autumn/Winter 2016 collections from high end designers and high street stores. LCCA fashion students were lucky enough to visit LFW and attend some of the exclusive catwalk shows. Read about some of their LFW experiences here.

The evolution of fashion: 1900s

16, Dec , 2015
Claire Payne

During the Edwardian era, it was common for women to wear boned corsets, squeezing waist sizes down to 20 inches or less. Corsets were designed to push the upper body forward while pushing the hips back, forcing the body into an s-shape. 

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