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What does an animator do?

18, Oct , 2016
Claire Payne

If you are considering a career in professional animation, you may have many unanswered questions. Our easy to understand guide offers information on typical duties, skills, salary and more, helping you decide whether animation is the right career path for you.  

What does a graphic designer do?

29, Sep , 2016
Claire Payne

Are you thinking about becoming a graphic designer? We’ve put together this fact sheet, gathering together all the information you need to know about career progression, salary, and a graphic designer’s day-to-day activities.

5 types of photography you could pursue professionally

18, Aug , 2016
Claire Payne

Pursuing photography on a professional level is something a lot of people dream of doing, and it’s not difficult to see why. With so many different avenues to explore and plenty of choice when it comes to specialisation, photography provides many people with long and fulfilling careers.

Studying photography, whether it’s a full-time degree course or a summer short course, will enable you to acquire the skills needed to make a head start in this competitive industry. Here are just five types of photography you could consider a career in.

8 career myths that may have crossed your mind

12, Aug , 2016
Carmen Andreica

When evaluating potential career pathways as a student or exploring different options for a career change as an adult, it’s important not to make assumptions. Here are eight common career myths, busted for you by LCCA’s careers and student services manager, Carmen Andreica.

How to use the STAR(T) approach in job interviews

07, Jul , 2016
Carmen Andreica

There are many different types of interviews that employers are using to assess a candidate’s abilities nowadays. One of the most common you will find is the competency based interview.

When preparing for an interview, you need to think carefully about how best to communicate your strengths and skills to your potential employer. To help support any point you make about the skills you have, you should try to provide evidence in the form of examples. Approaching a competency based question using STAR(T) will undoubtedly help you in any interview.

5 ways a career in fashion can prepare you for teaching

17, Jun , 2016
Silja Manninen

As a fashion designer and programme leader in fashion at LCCA, Silja Manninen is someone with a wealth of experience, both academic and industry related. Her work has featured in British Vogue, The Times and The Guardian, and she’s even had work exhibited at the V&A Museum.

Here, Silja details five ways in which her first-hand experience of the fashion industry have helped prepare her for a teaching career.

Assertiveness and career success

14, Jun , 2016
Carmen Andreica

Assertiveness is an important quality to possess in the professional world, no matter what your career. Here, our Careers and Student Services Manager, Carmen Andreica, tells you what it means to be assertive, and explains the benefits of being so in the workplace.

A guide to effective job hunting

16, May , 2016
Carmen Andreica

Searching for a job can be a daunting task, but it’s something we all need to do at one point or another, regardless of the stage we’ve reaching in our career. Whether you’re a graduate looking for your first job, an individual seeking a career change or somebody pursuing different professional development opportunities, you have to search in order to find.

Five things to do before your fashion job interview

11, Apr , 2016
Chantelle Barton

So you've landed an interview for your dream job in fashion – congratulations! The fashion industry is worth billions of pounds, with a wide range of exciting careers available including fashion design, merchandising, marketing and more. Whatever niche role you're applying for, the fashion industry is highly competitive – so you've got to bring your A-game to the interview.

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