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About the Alumni Office

The Alumni Relations Office is responsible for keeping in contact with our graduates and facilitating opportunities for communication, friendship and professional development.

We work hard to connect with our alumni, and we are always delighted to hear from you.

Alumni Relations 

We facilitate networking, social events and reunions. We help to trace friends, and we look to include graduates in the day-to-day life of the college. LCCA students from Higher National, bachelor and master’s courses become part of the alumni network automatically, beginning at their graduation.

Alumni who are interested in supporting future generations of students through volunteering their time and expertise can do so in a number of ways. From sharing their experiences and knowledge to giving talks at the college.

We also welcome donations to support current student activities and provide a range of benefits to our former students. These include careers advice, professional development support and discounts.


We seek to enhance the student experience by identifying opportunities to engage with alumni and other interested supporters. These opportunities may include placements, graduate internships, mentoring and other forms of support for students in developing their knowledge and skills.


The benefits of keeping in touch

We offer a range of benefits and opportunities to LCCA alumni, who are invited to access the following facilities, services and benefits:

Campus Library

As an LCCA alumni member, you will have access to college library resources.

Gallery Space

Alumni who wish to organise an exhibition or show, to promote their work, are able to use the space, subject to availability and booking.

Careers Advice and Support

Careers Services offer one-to-one careers guidance, support with job applications and business start-up advice to recent graduates.

Employing LCCA Graduates

The LCCA Careers and Employability Service can help you to recruit our students and graduates, raising your profile and acting as a link between your organisation and the College.

Discounted Further Study

All alumni receive a 50% discount on all short courses and CPD (continual professional development courses).

Networking Opportunities

The chance to network with entrepreneurs and form professional relationships with like-minded individuals at LCCA events. 

Stay in touch with us

You can contact the Alumni Relations Office at for further information regarding any of the benefits or services listed above, or to update your details. You can also request replacement certificates and transcripts, should you need to.

LCCA Alumni Mentoring Programme

LCCA Alumni Mentoring Programme

The Alumni Mentoring Programme aims to promote continuous learning and professional development amongst students and graduates. The scheme offers students the opportunity to develop essential employability skills and gain useful insight into their chosen industry. It also helps graduates to build their coaching skills and make a difference in someone’s career.

We are looking to enhance students’ employability by connecting them with graduates, working in appropriate roles, who can provide them with a better understanding of employer expectations and career opportunities. Students are matched to an alumni mentor following their expression of interest to the Careers and Student Service Department.

Who are the mentors?

  • LCCA graduates who have 'been there and done that', know what students are going through and are willing to share their knowledge and professional experience with them.
  • The mentors are graduates that work in professions or industries of interest to current students and volunteer their time to provide students with support.

What can alumni mentors do for a student?

  • Answer general questions about their current roles, the industry they work in, their experience after graduating etc.
  • Put a student in touch with industry contacts, when appropriate
  • Provide students with advice on a role and workplace expectations
  • Give students a better idea about how to plan their career
  • Make time and keep in regular contact with students for the duration agreed
  • Establish meetings when appropriate. 

What is not expected of alumni mentors?

  • To be a personal tutor
  • To help with assignments
  • To provide advice on course content.

Advantages of being a mentor

  • Being able to inspire and help others to achieve their goals
  • Developing coaching skills needed for future leadership roles
  • Working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • A useful addition to your CV
  • Overall, you will gain fulfilment from advising, motivating and empowering others to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions and development.

Advantages for a student being mentored

  • To get up-to-date tips and information from someone that you can relate to, who is working in an industry that you aspire to join
  • To provide you with a better understanding of the skills needed in a chosen role or industry and ideas on how you can develop them
  • Good connections can help open up new opportunities and directions for you that you may not have thought of
  • Having a mentor can improve your self-confidence in pursuing the career you want.

How much time must a mentor allocate?

  • For the scheme to work, we require mentors to commit to a minimum of 6 meetings or contacts with students placed with them (either in person, via emails, phone or skype) and generally for a period of 5 to 6 months. It is the student's responsibility to organise these meetings.

How to apply?

Applications for students to be mentored are open throughout November – December and will be reviewed by the Careers and Student Services Department. Students from all courses can apply, with priority being given to first-time applicants.

Successful candidates will be invited to meet their mentors during a briefing session that will include: establishing goals and expectations, preferred methods of contact and planning meetings along with support from the Careers Service.

Your student application must include:

  • Professional goals and motivation
  • Personal and professional development needs
  • What are you looking to achieve from the mentoring programme?

 The alumni application will include:

  • Course studied
  • Current job title
  • Company
  • Areas of expertise
  • What do you hope to achieve by being an Alumni Mentor?

 Structure of the programme and timetable

  • June - October      Careers and Student Services sourcing alumni mentors
  • December             Student applications to be mentored
  • January                Applications review and matching profiles                   
  • February               Matching outcome announced and briefing session
  • March                   Mentoring partnership starts
  • July                      End of the scheme
  • August                  Feedback and awards

 Contact Details

Interested graduates can find out more about the mentoring scheme by emailing:

For further information about the mentoring programme, students can email:


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