LCCA’s main ambition is to provide future professionals with the skills and technical knowledge necessary to launch a rewarding career. Our programmes are specifically designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge desired by employers. We are interested in collaborating with companies and industry professionals in a way that generates benefits for both employers and students. Whether you would like to take students on work placements or recruit a recent graduate, we will help you find the right candidate. Our services are free and are meant to support you throughout the recruitment process.


How to collaborate with us

  • Advertise Vacancies

Companies can advertise their vacancies, without any recruitment costs, on our online job board and we will spread the word amongst our students. You can advertise: internships, work placements, short-term work experience, project work, graduate opportunities, part-time and full-time job opportunities.

  • Pre-screening Applications

We will make sure to support you in targeting the right candidates from our pool of programmes and helping out in the recruitment process by screening applications according to your requirements.

  • On-campus Graduate Recruitment Events

These events allow you to identify students’ and graduates’ potential and suitability for your organisation and recruit them for short-term work experience or permanent positions, saving you time and recruitment costs. On request, interview arrangements can be part of the event.

  • Guest Speaker Events/Company Presentations

Visiting our campus and taking part in these events is an excellent opportunity to promote your company to future professionals, interact and establish an early relationship with them.

  • Project Briefs

Within our courses, there are some modules that require students to work on real projects with real clients. By providing students with a project brief to be delivered, companies have the opportunity to get fresh ideas and creative solutions for their business, while students get real-life experience and opportunity to develop their technical skills and add valuable work to their portfolio.

Company Visit

The benefits of work placements and internships:

  • Opportunity to promote your company to future graduates;
  • Early access to an ambitious and skilled workforce with the most up-to-date relevant education in your field of business;
  • Opportunity to develop projects with the help of individuals with fresh ideas and enthusiasm;
  • Ability to test potential employees at an early stage before committing to their long-term employment;
  • Additional capacity to carry out projects or on-going work that has been put on hold;
  • Cost-effective coverage of temporary staff, especially in busy periods;
  • Opportunity to reduce the workload of permanent staff, so that they can concentrate on more critical tasks.

At the same time, internships and work placements should benefit students by providing them with a real work experience opportunity that allows them to enhance their employability and career prospects and get a valuable industry insight.

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