On Friday 18 October, the HND Graphic Design class of 2017 presented their final year show named “Untitled. HND.”

Taking over the London College of Contemporary Arts’ gallery, the exhibition, which was open to public viewing, showcased a dynamic mix of branding, illustrations, craft magazines and pop-up books.

Students’ inventiveness was put to the test as they were given full reign over their project choice. 

Mamen Morillas, Associate Lecturer of HNC-D Graphic Design/Computer Games, said: “I am very happy with the final outcome. They’ve come a long way since the beginning of the course, it’s amazing to witness their transition.” 

Students showcased their visions in exhibition booths with projected backdrops, engraved logos and digital slideshows. 

Daria Bilac, who chose to reinvent an illustrative manuscript of the novel “Master and Margarita” by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, brought her theme to life by featuring mannequins with roses sticking out of their necks and personalised merchandise.  

Amongst the designs was also the “Craft Land” workshop, which spared no detail showcasing wristbands, posters, tickets, ID badges, and a map. 

The exhibition also included the “No Waste Coffee Shop 30” that used eco-friendly packaging, reusable biodegradable cups and an earthy colour scheme.

Lina Stoyanova designed “Bring your BFF to the TFF - Tasty Food Festival,” exhibiting everything from tote bags and condiment jars to wooden chopping boards and hanging illustrations.

“I wanted everything to be natural and organic. I have enjoyed the entire design process and applying all the techniques I’ve learnt throughout the year, to come up with the final design,” she said.

The exhibition displayed works by the following students:

  • Antonia Todorova
  • Claudia Do Carmo
  • Daria Bilac
  • Dave Luchmun
  • Elizabeth Michael
  • Ioana Josan
  • Marcio Fernandes
  • Tsvetelina Stoyanova
  • Venera Makridou


HND Graphic Design students announce their final year exhibition