Art has existed since the beginning of humankind. To what extent do the modern times in which we live influence it? What are the tools and skills required to thrive in the modern art environment? What is the role of art in the modern society? How can art improve our lives? Does art matter anymore in the digital and artificial intelligence era?


London College of Contemporary Arts, in collaboration with Mr Andras Chiriliuc, is organising a panel discussion series, The LCCA Panels, with important personalities including but not limited to academics, religious leaders, art benefactors and specialists, artists and cultural personalities, diplomats and members of top world organisations and leaders of the technology industry. The aim of this initiative is to explore various aspects of art and the steps an artist has to take in order to become an artist.


The panellists will be sharing their insight into the disruptive society of today, discussing how the job market of tomorrow will be staggeringly different and how this will affect the art creators, curators and sellers. The event will see participants from across different domains coming together to hold an interactive discussion.



1st Edition of the LCCA Panels

27 September 2018 at 18:00


The role of art in modern society


The Panel



Mr. Sagi Hartov, celebrated cellist born in Israel, is the founder of the Ernest Bloch classical competition. Mr Hartov has been a member of the London Mozart Trio and he also serves as principal of creative arts for Global University Systems, executive dean and managing director at London College of Contemporary Arts and executive chairman of Berlin School of Business and Innovation.



Mr. Andras Chiriliuc, Romanian baritone, also founder of the Joseph Schmidt opera competition and guest star of the Bucharest National Opera House.



His Royal Highness, Prince Paul of Romania, Honorary Guest

Her Royal Highness, Princess Lia of Romania

Lady Colin Campbell