The recent pandemic has led to greater awareness surrounding the benefits of online learning. While online or digital courses gained relevance over the last decade or so, their prevalence has increased significantly since the onset of the pandemic.

The format helped thousands of school and college students around the world to continue their education, despite long phases of lockdowns.

The benefits of online learning, however, haven’t been able to completely satisfy the cynics. Many people believe that digital learning formats aren’t as effective as real-time classroom teaching.

Can online learning be as effective as classroom learning?

Yes! There is plenty of research to suggest that online learning can be as beneficial for people who have access to technology. In fact, a Research Institute of America study reported that e-learners retained 25-60% of what they learned instead of 8-10% by students in conventional set-ups.

An IBM survey also found that participants could cover nearly 5 times more material through online learning without increasing their study time.

The effectiveness of online study sessions stems from the fact that students can revisit difficult concepts in their own time and skip through more straightforward ideas.

What else can online learning bring to the table in a post-pandemic era?

There are several reasons to invest in online programmes in the current scenario. Here are the top benefits that an online learning format brings to the table.

  1. Learning from the safety of your home

Owing to the contagious nature of COVID-19, significant parts of the world are still under lockdown. At present, in-person learning can be deemed unsafe or even impossible and, as such, online learning can relieve the disruption of the education system.

Online courses provide a safer alternative to conventional classrooms. They help you protect yourself and your family from unnecessary exposure to the virus and allow you to continue your studies.

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  1. Immense flexibility

The ability to learn at your leisure and convenience is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of online learning. This ability can be advantageous, especially now when daily routines have been disrupted for most of us in lockdown.

The flexibility attached to online learning allows you to cater to your priorities in an uncertain world and juggle your family commitments and career goals.

  1. Learning at your own pace

Online learning can often resemble having your own, personal tutor. You don’t get distracted by your classmates and you can set the pace of the lessons as per your comfort level.

Online learning can often be more efficient than conventional teaching. Since your tests and quizzes can be graded instantaneously, you can receive immediate feedback and results. This allows you more time to focus on improving your weaknesses.

  1. Greater affordability in the education sector

Online learning saves the extra charges incurred in the classroom such as physical textbooks and other amenities. Even the associated expenses, like commuting and accommodation fees, can be avoided. Thus, online learning is a more affordable choice of education compared to conventional set-ups.

Online education can help you continually invest in your education and keep up with the changing world. Investing in industry-oriented programmes like graphic design courses or illustration courses in London will allow you to take advantage of the market boom once the pandemic is behind us.