The summer season of 2022 (SS22) has finally dawned in London, and designers and fashion houses are rushing to display their new summer-style collections. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, student or an appreciator of good clothes in general, it’s always fun to look out for what’s new in a fashion season.

Keeping up with fashion trends and changes to the seasons can inspire you with new styles and clothing items. This can help you refresh your wardrobe and give you an excellent reason to go shopping! In this article, you can find the top fashion trends in 2022 that are making their presence felt on London runways.

First, let’s address what fashion trends are and why you should keep up with them.

What is a ‘fashion trend’?

Simply put, a fashion trend is a specific clothing style or aesthetic expression that has gained popularity at a given point in time. Several factors affect these fashion styles, including pop culture, politics, the economic and social climate, technology and new innovations.

Where do fashion trends come from?

For a very long time, fashion trends followed the cycle of the fashion house to fashion magazines to customers. However, an internet-savvy world has disrupted the game.

Today, anything and everything can inspire new trends in the fashion world. A few common sources include:

  1. Inspiration from fashion shows and runways
  2. Street styles growing among the common public and becoming more popular
  3. Celebrities driving and popularising new trends
  4. Digital influencers and fashion bloggers promote and share certain styles

Why do fashion trends keep changing?

The world around us is dynamic and fashion trends follow suit. There’s a popular concept called the fashion cycle where a fashion trend is introduced, rises in popularity, becomes mainstream, and then finally becomes outdated.

Many factors influence fashion cycles, including the pressure on fashion houses to experiment with new or current trends, world events, and different climates across the world.

What are the benefits of keeping up with fashion trends?

If you are an aspiring fashionista, keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and styles would be expected of you. Additionally, here are some other benefits of doing diligent market research on fashion trends.

  1. Extensive knowledge of everything fashion can make you popular among your friends and family and eventually they may come to you for fashion advice.
  2. Expertise in a trending domain like fashion can give you immense confidence in yourself.
  3. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can help you avoid committing fashion faux-pas and ensure you’re one of the most stylish people in the room.
  4. If you are interested in a fashion career, your extensive knowledge can help impress potential employers and fashion houses.
  5. You can create a fabulous first impression on people.

What kind of fashion trends in London can you expect to dominate in 2022?

2022 is a time of optimism for the fashion world as things return to their pre-pandemic states. This mood can be seen across different fashion runways this season.

Here are some of the most popular fashion trends that you can expect in 2022:

  1. Hemlines are getting shorter and skirts are getting quirkier: The long run of mid-length skirts and shorts is finally over as mini and micro skirts are making a return to the runways. Several brands like Chanel and Valentino have released their own quirky versions of mini-skirts, adapting traditional shapes and styles.
  2. Old world clothes are coming back: Clothing styles that were once popular a century ago are making a U-turn in 2022. Several big fashion houses like Stella McCartney are featuring turn-of-the-century pieces like corsets, big skirts and handcrafted buttons.
  3. Disco-wear is fashionable again: If disco-inspired fashion themes and clothes seem yesteryears to you, think again. Disco fashion is popular again in 2022, with models wearing glitzy tops, cargo pants and glamorous bodycon dresses on runways this season.

Other popular fashion trends in the UK this year include:

  1. Stripes are back in style
  2. Head-to-toe bright and neon colours are everywhere on runways
  3. Fringes have become a part of haute couture
  4. Cut-out dresses are more mainstream
  5. Animal prints are still a popular trend this year

How can you keep up with the latest fashion trends?

If you are a fashion enthusiast, chances are that you are already keeping an eye on the latest fashion styles through magazines and style catalogues. Nevertheless, your knowledge can improve with a more structured approach which will be offered by a formal course.

Courses like fashion business management can give you real-life insights into fashion cycles and seasonal trends. You can also learn how successful fashion brands get to shape the trends for a particular season.

The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) offers a great MA in Fashion Business and Management programme, which can be a great fit for you.

The fashion management course can help you hone your creative business skills and gain expertise in managing a fashion business. You can also learn how to articulate your fashion marketing ideas and implement them in real life.

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