Late last month, a private viewing of LCCA’s Foundation Course Art and Design Exhibition took place at The Gallery, with students welcoming guests to see their fantastic work.

Here’s what some of LCCA’s finest budding artists had to say about their artistic creations.

Giorgia Feroldi

The main themes behind Giorgia’s work were conceptualism and minimalism.

“All of my work in the exhibition clearly depict these main themes, with inspirations such as Burri with his Arte Povera, Kline with his Abstract Expressionism, Pollock with his dripping technique and Kandinsky with his colourful ideas and his music connection.”

Mark Abdel-Shaheed

Mark welcomed viewers to his art with guiding questions: “What do you see? Or rather, what do you not see? Can you watch without labelling? Can you watch without connecting?”

He invited viewers to experience the beauty of colours and shapes without ruining it with one’s expectations, labels, prejudices, experiences and memories. His closing lines were: “Please watch without thinking. Thank you. This is the birth of a building.”

Gabriela Feldman De La Rocha

Gabriela wanted her poster campaign to show the world that, through design, we have the power to make change. “What I want people to think when seeing my poster is to recognise the fact that 7500 people living on London’s streets a year is not only their problem, but ours too. A problem that we’d rather not see, hear or talk about.”

Samira Eugster

Samira was the only student who used the medium of photography to communicate her concept. Her photographs show a creation of a new body, combining body parts and nature.

“My photography series were inspired by the early surrealism photography in the twenties and thirties, and the work with the human body. The shape, forms and body parts are more important than the whole person. In the final photographs, the nature and the body parts merge to [create] a new creature, which is mysterious and strange. It questions what it is, nature or human.”

Faryal Munir

Faryal’s fashion illustration inspired pieces invited the viewer to enjoy a theme which is based on experimentation with materials and different cultures.

“I really enjoyed creating these illustrations and I am happy with how they turned out. Emotionally, they depict how each person and place is different and it is something I wanted to portray in my work.”