A frequently asked Clearing query is how to find appropriate student accommodation during this process. With this blog, we will break down everything you need to know about Clearing accommodation.


How do you apply for Clearing accommodation?

If you are going through Clearing to find your course, you needn’t worry about finding a Clearing accommodation student room. Most universities reserve accommodation spots for Clearing students. You will get all the relevant information on student accommodation once you have a confirmed place in a specific course.

The London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) offers London Clearing accommodation for all its students through The Language Gallery (TLG). You can choose from different types of boarding, including house shares or halls of residence. The locations range from Whitechapel to Camden Town, all in the heart of London.

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What factors should you consider while choosing the right accommodation?

Once you receive a confirmation from your preferred university, you will get time to go through all the student living options. Take your time to make the right choice and take the following factors into consideration:

  • Location of the accommodation: The location of the accommodation will play a big role in your daily routine once you start university. A residence hall closer to the campus can reduce your commuting time, while a house share in the heart of the city means you are in close proximity to many places you can explore.
  • Weekly or monthly costs: Student accommodation costs can have a varied range depending on the facilities being provided and the hall’s location. If you are applying for student finance, you must check the amount of maintenance loan you will be getting. This will decide what kind of accommodation you can or can’t afford.
  • Special needs/requirements: If you have special access needs, check with the university if the accommodation offered to you has specific measures to support you. Most residence halls are usually disability-friendly, but it is useful to check in advance.
  • Facilities included in the rent: Many student halls and residences are usually ‘all-inclusive’ and cover the cost of other facilities like Wi-Fi and communal cleaning in the rent. However, make sure you know all components of the rent and the facilities included so that you aren’t worried about unexpected expenses.

You should also think about other relevant questions, such as if you want a roommate, if the room has an attached washroom and the length of tenancy.

Once you have made a choice, make it a point to carefully read through the terms and conditions of your tenancy contract before you sign it. You can also ask your parents or guardians to help you clarify anything you don’t understand.


What should you do once you have secured the right accommodation?

Once you have selected an appropriate accommodation, the next step is to apply for renters’ insurance. Rent insurance is extremely important as it protects your financial interests if your belongings are lost or damaged.

Some university accommodations include basic rent insurance in their ‘all-inclusive’ rent. Check with your university to see if they can help you get suitable insurance coverage.

Shopping for your college accommodation would be next on your list and can be very exciting. You would be spending considerable time in your room during your college life, so don’t hesitate to personalise your space. You can bring in your favourite posters, bedding and plants to help you feel at home.

Many universities set up online chat groups or pages for accommodation halls to allow students to get to know each other before moving in. Interacting with a few people in your residence hall can result in there being many familiar faces on move-in day.

Even if you have booked your accommodation, it is natural to have other queries about the Clearing process. Fortunately, at LCCA we have you covered. Our team of friendly and dedicated Clearing advisors will answer all your queries and guide you through the Clearing process.

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