No two days are the same within the hospitality industry. If you see yourself as a people’s person with excellent communication skills, then you will be sure to thrive in this dynamic sector. This field is highly rewarding in terms of finances, exposure and experience.

Gaining a degree in the subject is a good place to start as it will provide you with skills in the hospitality industry but you also need to focus on developing certain attributes in order to succeed in this field. Some of the most important hospitality skills to obtain include:

1- Attention to detail
Focusing on the smallest of details is hugely importance for hospitality. Everything is under great scrutiny within this industry and you therefore need to make sure you are constantly meet the highest standards. This means every task needs to be carried out efficiently and with great care to minimise chances of mistakes being made.

2 - Being a team player
Teamwork in the hospitality industry is imperative. The whole team needs be on the same page in order for operations to run smoothly. Individuals from every department have to come together to work collaboratively as a unit, leaving no room for individual disputes and negligence.

Common goals should be approached with the cooperative effort with everyone ensuring there is no compromise in quality and standard. In hospitality, you must always remember the importance of teamwork and working as a collective entity.

3 - Customer-oriented
Being customer-oriented is one of the main hospitality management skills that you need to focus on. This industry is all about delivering the best quality service to people which involves understanding customer needs, meeting their wants and dealing with their complaints. Since customers are a priority, you must ensure that they have the best experience with very little grievance.

A calm and composed nature is essential for helping out guests and ensuring customer satisfaction. There should also be special emphasis on making the guest’s stay comfortable and catering to their every need.

4 - Time- management
In hospitality, everything moves at a fast pace and you have to keep up if you are looking to succeed. Time management in the hospitality industry is of the utmost importance and holds the same value for staff working at all different levels. Managing and organising each task and seeing it being carried out efficiently is important in this industry.

As there is a strict schedule that you need to follow in terms of time allocation for different tasks, good time management is a crucial skill for success.

5 - Excellent communication skills
Communication is one of the most important factors of the hospitality sector and it applies to all operations. This is especially true for customer engagement where you need to have clear and articulate conversations to ensure you understand their requirements.

Even on the phone, a person is more likely to opt for the place where the staff speaks confidently and courteously. This is why all careers in the hospitality industry are dependent on effective communication making it a highly essential skill.

6 - Flexibility
Hospitality is a dynamic industry where shifts have no specific timings and staff can often work long hours. Yet, the atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement as it is mostly during the holiday season when the industry experiences maximum profitability. This means that in order to function well in this industry, you have to be willing to be flexible and adaptable. Be it working sudden or long shifts or having to deal with unforeseen problems, you have to deal with situations proactively. All this comes with perks in the form of bonuses, tips, additional pay and even additional holidays.

7 - Staying organised
When you are multitasking and handling various customer requests at the same time, you need to make sure you are on top of things. Being organised is fundamental to the hospitality industry as everything must happen as per the schedule and any kind of carelessness or delay will be looked upon poorly.

The aforementioned attributes and technical skills in hospitality management will ensure you thrive in this field. If you are interested in the field, you should consider making a firm foundation with a course such as BA in Hospitality Management from London College of Contemporary Arts.


This article is written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.