Do you know what Bill Gates and Walt Disney share in common, apart from their huge industry empires? Both men experienced failure early on their careers, and what may have pressured others to give up, became a motivator for these two. 

While the creator of ‘Mickey Mouse’ was fired from his job as a cartoonist due to lack of imagination, Gates’ first project, Traf-O-Data turned out to be a disaster as the machine designed to read raw data did not work. The business world is filled with successful professionals who, through their stories of failures and achievements, have become an inspiration for others. 

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a dream for many but making it a reality requires a combination of consistent hard work, persistence and understanding the value of each choice you make. The list is inexhaustible but what truly matters is your passion and drive to achieve what you have set out to accomplish. 

As of the third quarter of 2020, the GDP of the EU has grown by 11.6% as compared to the previous quarter. Business growth post-pandemic is steadily rising, and you too benefit from and be part of these developments. Here are some top tips that can be beneficial to you. 

  1. Invest in a good training programme 

If you are planning a career in the field of fashion, then an MA Fashion degree becomes integral as it provides you with vital industry knowledge and practical training. Famous names like Tom Ford and Donna Karen made use of degree qualifications in order to progress in the competitive industry and many other designers have also invested in formal education to further their career. 

The edge that a fashion business course offers is not just limited to empowering you with the right tools and techniques to succeed but extends to providing deep insight into the industry itself. The same goes for prepping for any other sector that you plan to venture into. 

  1. Leave the right impression

Operating a business means you need to lead in a way which has a positive impact and leaves a lasting impression. 

According to multi-award-winning UK business coach, Amanda Alexander, a leader has to make a positive and powerful impact. She says passion, persistence and kindness are three traits of an entrepreneur that come across in their dealing with others. 

  1. Value the importance of time 

Time is a valuable commodity in the business world and leaders always stress the use of time management. As you nurture your venture, you have to stay focused and aligned with your goals. It, therefore, becomes extremely important to prioritise what is of value and try to not get tied up in the smaller, more irrelevant things.  

The famous American entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington is of the view that during the path to success, we must put our efforts and energy into what adds value to our life. In the 1980s, Kevin started analysing how to use his time in the most productive way, focusing on how profit could be generated from every output of time. He has found it to be a successful practice in his professional and personal life.

  1. Don’t let opportunities pass 

Being aware of your market and staying up to date with the latest industry trends is among the biggest assets of an entrepreneur. If you are looking to make your business grow, then you can’t let any opportunity pass you by.

Blue Vase Marketing President and CEO, Michael Alden ignored the growth of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin when they were valued at $500 but now when they have increased 1000% in value, he severely regrets his dismissal. His advice to other entrepreneurs is that no matter how abstract an idea appears, you must look into it. 

  1. Be open to criticism 

Being open to criticism will not only bring you valuable advice but will also help you in addressing all your mistakes. By taking constructive criticism on board, you can grow and pick all the valuable skills required to boost your business. 

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, credits criticism for being a major motivator and guide on his path to success. He believes that being criticised by the right people can lead you to re-evaluate and make relevant changes that are crucial to your professional path to success.

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