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Our students are our greatest advocates. Find out what they have to say about student life at LCCA.

The highlight of studying at LCCA I would summarise as being given the opportunity to realise many of my creative dreams. I have always sought to engage in craft and spend the maximum amount of time developing my passion projects, which happen to fall within the realm of entertainment. As an Interactive Media student, our work revolves around web authoring, app development, art and animation and digital games development. These media do not exist in a vacuum and are often platforms used to deliver content from many areas of the entertainment world such as sports, film, fashion and art, and I both relish the opportunity to do so full time and appreciate that there is combination of students and teachers from all these areas under one roof at LCCA - a strategy that could harness great potential for effective collaboration across disciplines and the development of proper professional practice for us as attendees of LCCA.


Jason Owusu
HND Interactive Media

Apart from my grades, my biggest highlight was the support from my tutors and their feedback. They continuously challenged me, gave constructive criticism, and helped define my projects. This was a very rewarding feeling.
My advice for the next generation of LCCA students would be to push yourself: do the projects that you want to do, even if it grows into something else that you didn't think was possible.
The most important thing is your ideas, and they need to be documented. To get the most out of your final images you have to define your ideas: know your project and how to talk about it. These are the things I have learned at LCCA and I know for a fact that this process got me through.

Felix Suarez
HND Photography

I chose to study HND Photography at LCCA because it was cheaper than a lot of other colleges and it is in a brilliant location. LCCA also provides you with opportunities to get in touch with the industry through guest speakers; some of the photographers’ talks have helped me contact them.
One of my memorable highlights at LCCA was when we were given a free hand to experiment with all the possibilities of the darkroom.
My advice to the next generation of LCCA students would be for them not to be afraid to ask for help if they struggle with any task. Tutors are there to help, not to judge.


Ingrid Talosi
HND Photography

The practical side of the tasks at LCCA Summer School were interesting. The gallery visits were also really informative.


Shaunn Belfield
LCCA Summer School

My best memory at LCCA is when I walked into the darkroom for the first time in my life. Having the chance to explore black and white photography, followed by a very supportive environment, I cannot rate the experience highly enough.

Irina Lupascu
HND Photography

Foundation in Art and Design course is excellent. My fondest memories at LCCA include the first time when I learned about drawing techniques and when we worked on creating a costume using geometric shapes cut out of cardboard paper. It was hard work but the costume looked amazing when we finished it.


Sabrina Fozilova
Foundation in Art & Design

I would like to thank my classmates for giving me the chance to represent them. I am happy that I can be a medium between my class and college management. My classmates and I have been discussing what they would like in order to enhance our experience at LCCA and I look forward to being able to make these things happen.


Mohamed Nashiz
MA International Tourism Hospitality and Event Management

LCCA has helped me in developing my skills and knowledge in my subject.  Taking part in a successful exhibition brought a huge  insight to everything I need to know for my career, especially making great connections with photographers, make up artists and models.  

Christelle Rogers
HND Fashion Business

My name is Bryony Sansome (but my friends call me Bee), and I am currently studying my 2nd year in Fashion and Textile design HND at LCCA.Firstly, I’d like to thank all the students of LCCA for voting in the members of the first ever LCCA student council, and all the council members for their nominations and passion in making LCCA an even better place to study.


Bryony Louise Sansome
HND Fashion Textiles


If you’re coming to study at LCCA I advise you to explore all of the opportunities this institution has to offer. As LCCA is located in the heart of London I spend all my free time exploring the city, visiting places I never knew existed and obviously walking through the vibrant streets of this wonderful city.


Juan Diego Izquierdo Garcia
HND Interactive Media

My experience at college so far has been interesting. I feel that I have learned so much compared to when I first started over a year ago. The time has flown by and I can’t believe I’m already in my 2nd year! The highlight of the course so far for me was having two of my images chosen for display in the LCCA Summer Photography Exhibition earlier this year. For me it was a personal achievement, and made me feel a lot more confident in my own work. I can be over-critical at times, but to see my work up there on the wall and have people genuinely interested in it made me really happy.

Sandy Sohal
HND Photography

My classmates are all from different cultures and backgrounds from all around the world, so it also helps me to learn more about others.


Iraide Garai
HND Fashion & Textiles

Throughout my academic year at LCCA I felt good about myself and my progress. I began creating more within my abilities, and thinking about what I really want to achieve in life. This thought on its own has enabled me to have the courage and determination to get good marks. I am ready for my second year at LCCA. 

I really like Creative, the LCCA Student Magazine. It gives us an opportunity to feature our work and makes us feel proud of ourselves.

Tsara Ousseni
HND Performing Arts

My main goals are to get my peers' voices and ideas heard, and be the liaison between them and LCCA administration. Representing my peers and working especially with the Performing Arts Programme Leader Karen Fraser, on how to improve and to implement new ideas it's going to be a great pleasure to me.I am an outgoing and confident person, a good listener and mediator and fully committed to accomplish new challenges. As a yoga teacher I usually approach difficult situations in a calm way.  I also have a great deal of experience with collaborative organizations and as a volunteer in different countries.


Silvia Marina Dos Santos Pais Lopes
HND Performing Arts

My LCCA experience enabled me to embrace a whole new horizon of fashion and design. The exposure gave me the right amount of confidence to continue my passion.


Viña Amor Lim Romero
LCCA Short Courses


I have enjoyed getting to know my tutors and learning from them. They have been a great mentors. The lectures from Nick Pearson were very good and informative and getting to know the various techniques of drawing systems from Mark Shaw was exciting and very interesting. One of my favourite memories at LCCA was a cubism drawing session with a still life which was rotating.


Joshep Richard Bagnall
Foundation in Art & Design


At the LCCA Film Festival we shared what we had all achieved over the last two years. The atmosphere  was exciting, with an acute sense of appreciation from those in the room, passionate about the moving image and contextual ideas. My highlight was coming second place for the Audience Award. What can I say, hard work does pay off eventually!


Clive Allen
HND Creative Media Production

I have met great teachers at LCCA who have extensive experience of their subjects. This bestows a huge element of respect in the classroom.


The nature of the course encourages us interact in and outside of the class. This can be daunting at times, but overall it’s an empowering experience which I love.

Stephen Mark
HND Interactive Media

It feels great  to represent my class and I thank them for the opportunity.  My classmates and I are happy to be part of this college.


Tamara El Tanani
MA Fashion and Retail Luxury Management

LCCA offers the right facilities and a good environment for learning and gaining the experience necessary for the working environment. I have learned a lot since I started the course about how to improve my abilities and how to define myself as an artist.


Sara Ekodi
HND Fashion & Textiles


Studying photography at LCCA gave me some opportunities to enter the industry, and also opened my horizons in what the photography industry is about. I feel more prepared now.


Daniel Balica
HND Photography

I love being at LCCA. It has built my confidence with regard to my passion. I was always told that I had a flair for fashion, but studying at LCCA has really helped to bring this out in me.
I have had a great deal of contact with the industry through LCCA: days out at clothes factories, going to shows, and excursions to wholesale material facilities are only a few examples. It has been amazing and exciting.


Mary Martin
(BEFFTA Excellence Award Winner)
HND Fashion & Textiles

Emily's highlight at LCCA so far has been having the opportunity to shoot on black and white film and develop her photos in the darkroom. “LCCA’s photography course is so diverse and I’ve learnt so much during my first year, so I’m excited to embark on my second year” she said.


Emily Faulder
HND Photography

I thought that it was scary to be in a foreign country but the people from LCCA were so hospitable that I forgot that I was away from home.The main reason why I will be back in London, besides the beautiful sceneries is because of  the warm and friendly people especially from LCCA.


Nere Ku
LCCA Short Courses

I really enjoy the college. The library is useful and relaxing. I like that the college is involved with the students, organising trips overseas and to museums. I enjoy the exhibitions and showcases held at the college, they are good opportunities to interact with other students and network with potential future contacts.


Hamza Miah
HND 3D Design



One of my hightlights at LCCA was meeting tutors that really inspired and helped me. They have been instrumental in pushing me to do better as well as supporting me.

Cathie Sutton
HND Creative Media Production

We are all creatives and we all want to move to the next level. I want to be the voice of HND Fashion. I want people to know that we want more speakers and more designers to see our hard work, respect what we do at LCCA, and recruit from our beloved college. I want to get as many opportunities for us as I can - we are a college of creatives and we deserve that.


Sibu Dladla
HND Fashion & Textiles


I plan to network with the other students; if they have a problem they can approach me and I will represent them as best I can. I feel that I am good for the job as I can engage with people well. I live for things like this, it’s a great achievement to be nominated and to win Head of Council and I’m glad to be given the opportunity to represent my peers.


Nigel Powell
HND Creative Media Production


“My favourite part of the LCCA Four Seasons Fashion Show was the moment just before the show started – preparing and watching the model, adjusting the styling, that moment was really powerful. It didn’t last long because suddenly the show began. It was just amazing.”

Nicola’s collection was inspired by Sinú artefacts, and ceramics. He loved seeing his garments on the catwalk so much, that he is now aiming sky high for the future.

“My next step in the fashion world is going to be building a website with e-commerce and, of course, I am planning to show my next collection at LFW in a year’s time, for SS17.”

Nicola Bacchilega
HND Fashion & Textiles

My course at LCCA helps me to understand a bit more of how you can create your own designs, how to translate the inspiration in a real garment and how you can express your ideas into images. The classes have also helped to get a better image of how it is like the real industry through Professional Practice module, CAD/Cam module and garment manufacturing module.

Monica Mardare
HND Fashion & Textiles

I’ve had some amazing lecturers: Sian Riley is an amazing teacher. She challenges us so much that I end up saying that she is trying to kill us with work. Sian showed us how to put a collection together and how to see design in everything around us.
I have learned that a whole collection must tell a story. Robert taught us how to illustrate our design, and Natalia is teaching us pattern cutting.

Natasha Holness
HND Fashion & Textiles

My favourite memory was being able to do practical tasks. I really enjoyed going to gallery visits and being able to work outside.


Saskia Purr
LCCA Summer School




My best memory in the LCCA  was to work on a project with Miss Marta,  conceptualizing the make up style, the styling theme and  first photo shoot session in a studio. All of this was done with my own designs of dresses. It was a very exciting Summer School experience.


Edith Mejia Carrión
Fashion Designer from Perú
LCCA Summer School

I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to do my work experience for year 10 at such a lovely place like LCCA, where I have met very friendly and intelligent people who have truly helped me to think of new opportunities for my future. This was a great experience that I will never forget. A big thank you to all the LCCA staff members, without their guidance I wouldn't have gained so many new skills and develop myself.


Calin Albert
LCCA Work Experience Opportunity

I want to help anyone who needs help in their course and I am willing to listen to any ideas and opinions that my course members have.


Joshua Rowe
HND Photography

My best memory at LCCA was my graduate exhibition. It was a day where I felt accomplished and had the chance to celebrate with my peers and teachers the end of a great two year journey. The 2 years at LCCA allowed me to learn and grow as an individual. I had some great people around me supporting me helping and always being positive even when things got tough. A shout out also to my amazing programme leader who words cannot describe how amazing she has been. It is great to be part of LCCA.


Sonya Nasir
HND Fashion Business


By supporting exhibitions and photography guest speaker events LCCA does a great job. I hope students will realise this great opportunity and make the most of it.

Botond Bartha
HND Photography


I would like to say it is a great opportunity to be part of the Student Council and see LCCA is willing to solve the issues forwarded by us. I encourage all students to communicate more with their representative in order to benefit more from what our college can offer.


Cezar Ciobanu
HND 3D Design

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