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This course aims to provide a balance of essential study knowledge and skills of the subject of fashion, to that the learners can be prepared for the academic and practical rigours of studying these subjects at an undergraduate level in Higher Education.



Awarding Body:

OCN London


9 Months






UK/EU £4,500 


Available upon successful application


The Access to HE Diploma (Fashion) provides a progression opportunity for learners into Higher Education by offering you the chance to gain a level 3 qualification in Fashion. You will gain a general introduction to the basic concepts of Fashion, through introduction of subjects such as 3D fashion design: modelling and pattern cutting, fashion design, fashion drawing, and you will experience a positive and supportive learning environment within which you will be able to build your confidence through successful learning and networking.


Successful students will have numerous opportunities to continue their learning, inside and outside of LCCA and its associated network of institutions.

These include but are not limited to: Higher National Certificates and Diplomas, a variety of Fashion Undergraduate Degrees validated by our Institution partners and most Art and Design based Undergraduate degrees at UK Universities.

Prospective students have to be aware that most universities expect students to have grade C and above in GCSE English and Mathematics when they apply for a Higher Education course and many are no longer accepting other Level 2 equivalents in literacy and numeracy.

Prospective students are advised to check the requirements of their chosen higher education institution.



The Access to HE Diploma (Fashion) provide a progression opportunity for learners into Higher Education by offering you the chance to gain a level 3 qualification in Fashion. You will gain a general introduction to the basic concepts of Fashion, through introduction of subjects such as 3D fashion design: modelling and pattern cutting, fashion design, fashion drawing, and you will experience a positive and supportive learning environment within which you will be able to build your confidence through successful learning and networking.


Silja Manninen

Silja Manninen

Programme Leader Fashion and Textiles

After completing an MA in Fashion Design and developing and selling my own collection I worked as a head designer for an international brand for 8 years. My interest has always been creating and fashion happened to be the perfect medium. My interest in fashion business and marketing as well as sales grew naturally by seeing which of my designs sold, who bought them and by getting customer and store feedback.

What makes the course at LCCA distinctive?

The faculty is very passionate, inspired and connected to the industry. We have a solid team of experienced tutors who keep up to date with industry trends and news by practicing. The course is very up to date with aiming to equip the students with the most relevant skills through exciting and challenging projects.

How does the course engage with industry?

As mentioned earlier the tutors on the course are also practitioners and freelance in the industry. We have strong links with many companies and are very supportive of students gaining work experience as part of their studies. We have regular guest talks at our campus where students have the opportunity to network with professionals as well as each other. We organise group visits to trade shows too in order to familiarise students with the code of conduct in fashion industry and to give them the opportunity to gain professional confidence for their future studies and careers.

How important are the links with industry?

The links with industry are vital if a student wants to start building their career path from early on. The students who link up with professionals/companies and start networking early on in their studies are the most successful ones as they understand the professional requirements by having first-hand experience. It is best to start networking and gaining experience and industry exposure during studies in anurturing environment such as we have at LCCA.

How are the courses taught?

Our courses are taught in contained groups by an experienced and inspiring tutor by lecturing, running workshops, group visits,  presentations, visiting talks and exhibition/industry visits, group evaluations and critiques and tutor/peer demonstrations as well as group discussions. We also conduct one on one tutorials where by student can get individualised formative feedback for their work before hand in of projects at the end of term.

How personalised are the courses?

We aim to cater to individual’s interests and are very supportive of a learner who is interested in a particular subject/area of fashion. We will help the student build a portfolio relevant to their area of interest whether it was pattern cutting, design or trends and forecasting. With smaller groups we are able to identify a particular student’s needs and interests and address these in an effective manner.

Do students need to have studied design or management before?

Previous studies in Art&Design are helpful as student will come on board with an understanding of the ways in which certain processes in creative thinking and practice work but this is not essential. Keen interest in fashion as well as culture on the other hand are. In terms of skills we start from basics covering fundamentals of fashion design, history and pattern cutting so student can potentially come on board without previous skills and knowledge of these.

As programme leader what is your fashion background?

I think I covered this in question 1. BA and MA in Fashion Design, 10 years of industry experience as head designer at an international brand, designing for clients and own collection as a freelancer.



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