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Duration: 10 weeks

Schedule: Wednesday 18:30 to 21:30

Intake Dates: Jan, Mar, May

Course Price: £600

Campus: London



Duration: 3 weeks

Schedule: Mon to Fri, 10:00 to 15:00

Intake Dates: Jun, Jul, Aug

Course Price: £1500

Campus: London



The Interior Design in Fashion and Luxury Retail course gives you the opportunity to discover interior design and visual communication techniques used to maximise the profitability of the point of sale. You will also learn essential aspects of consumer behaviour, which play a vital role in creating a unique and emotional shopping experience and transforming consumers into loyal customers.

Interior design requires great skill and artistic talent. This programme will help prepare you for a professional role within this ever-advancing industry.



The learning and teaching strategy for this course incorporates a variety of methods. These include:

  • Industry field trips to iconic stores
  • Guest speaker events featuring successful fashion companies and interior design studios
  • Practical presentations
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Analysis and synthesis of case studies
  • Directed reading



Formative assessments
This refers to daily interaction with tutors which, through feedback, will help you to critically appraise your own learning experience. It will also assist you in assessing your own performance in relation to the learning outcomes which have been set for each element of study.


Summative assessments

These are formal assessments and are a means of gauging trainee learning at a particular point in time, relative to established marking criteria. Summative assessments can occur during, as well as at the end of, each unit.


Practical and class-based projects

These give you the opportunity to put your theoretical understanding of a specific subject area into practice.

Portfolio assessments

The projects you develop throughout the duration of the course will be collated into a single portfolio and submitted for assessment.


Presentations are used as assessments in some subjects to allow you to develop your creative, professional communication and presentation skills. You will be actively encouraged to embrace new technologies and media in an innovative way whenever appropriate. 




  • Develop critical understanding of the current issues and challenges associated with an interior design store project.
  • Critically evaluate various theoretical concepts and approaches to an interior design store project.
  • Be able to define a clear and precise concept for an interior design store project and implement effective strategies that link the buying process and the store planning.
  • Develop an interior design project with technical details and use communication and presentation skills appropriate to theoretical and practical outcomes in order to articulate complex ideas.




You will have access to LCCA’s interior design studio, where you can find all the equipment you will need, including a 3D printer. You will also have access to the library, IT labs and the online student portal, Mypage.

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