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With our Professional Training Course ‘Fashion Design Trends & Forecasting’ The primary aim of this unit is to develop skills in visual and textual analysis, as well as historical understanding of fashion. Learners will explore the effects of culture, sub-culture and lifestyle trends on the social, aesthetic and cultural aspects of fashion.
Broad areas of global culture will be researched to extend learners’ experience and understanding of the fashion environment. Learners will be encouraged to record and analyse the key drivers that influence fashion globally, including ecological, environmental, ethical, technological and aesthetic factors.


Material is introductory and designed to impart basic awareness of the topic. Fundamentals and key issues will be addressed. Our course is aimed for individuals looking to learn specific theories and principles and research skills as well as knowledge and understanding of professional requirements of fashion industry to boost their CV and awareness. This course is of particular interest to individuals wanting to develop a more coherent understanding of trends and the forecasting process in the fashion industry.


This course provides an understanding of the way fashion forecasting industry works, how trends are discovered and how they are utilised by the fashion industry. You will learn how to identify key factors that form a specific trend, the difference between macro and micro trends as well as how to discover new trends in fashion. You will learn how important it is to be aware of trends in your chosen market and the difference between trend creators and followers in fashion.


The course will introduce you to the trend forecasting industry, how trend forecasting works, how to spot a trend or ‘trend scout’ as well as the lifeline of a specific trend. You will become a cool hunter as well as a visual researcher putting together mood boards and analysing trends you have identified as well as learn how to apply trend intelligence into a successful clothing collection.


The course covers the basics of trend forecasting and how trends are applied in the fashion industry. It discusses the difference between fads and trends that can be seen across other design industries. Through research and observation as well as writing a trend analysis the course takes the learner through to how to successfully apply chosen trends in fashion design or business practice.


  • Be able to research, identify and evaluate data for contemporary fashion trends
  • Be able to communicate knowledge and understanding of contemporary fashion trends
  • Be able to evaluate the relationship between art, design, society, lifestyle and fashion


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