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With our Professional Training Course ‘The Design Process’ you will learn how the design process works in the fashion industry at different market levels. You will develop skills to enable you to think as a creative as well as develop your critical and intellectual skills in relation to fashion design and imaging. The unit will explore various techniques in research, concept and design development through lectures and workshops, you will be expected to work independently, analysing and evaluating your own discoveries and design solutions through keeping a journal and recording your work in a sketchbook. Experimental design development is explored in this unit and you will be encouraged to push personal creative parameters through concept development, experimentation and sustained critical reflection. You will be expected to challenge and develop methods of fashion design to create a personalised project either for your own or a chosen brand.


Material is introductory and designed to impart basic awareness of the topic. Fundamentals and key issues will be addressed. Our course is aimed for individuals looking to learn specific theories and principles and research skills as well as knowledge and understanding of the design process and variations used in fashion industry in order to boost their CV, skillset and awareness.


This course provides an understanding of the principles of the fashion design process and gives the learner an opportunity to explore their creativity through focused lectures and workshops encouraging laternal thinking, research skills and experimentation and out of the box thinking so important in today’s fashion design and business environment. This course will boost the learner’s CV and skills. It will encourage creative thinking and problem solving giving the learner a glimpse into how a fashion designer’s mind works supported by practical knowledge on fabrics, design development and the range planning process.



You will gain an understanding on how a design project will start in fashion and how the design process works on different market levels. You will get the chance of creating a capsule collection for your or a chosen brand in order to allow you to think like a designer. You will gain an understanding how a creative mind works and how to implement conceptual and abstract ideas into successful collection planning and fashion design.

You will start the design process with deciding on a theme, researching this theme, collecting information (visual and written) and start building an archive of inspiration from which to derive design ideas.

The lesson plan will take you through from the principles of the fashion design process to the different market levels. You will gain understanding of creative thinking, the importance of considering your market and customer when designing clothing as well as how to incorporate trends and forecasting information into successful design. Workshops in experimental design development techniques, technical drawing, illustration and range planning will give you a solid understanding of the different areas of the design process.



The course covers: 

  • Introduction to the design process, brainstorming, research and mood boards in Fashion
  • Fundamentals of Fashion and Design (Shape, colour, print/texture, total look) 
  • Design Development
  • Fabrics, details, finishings
  • Technical drawing (workshop and exercise)
  • Draping workshop and exercise
  • Fashion Illustration and workshop
  • Range planning and presentation
  • Fashion concept and collection presentation


  • Understand the fashion design process 
  • Understand the fundamentals of successful fashion design and development
  • Be able to implement experimentation in creative practice through abstract ideas and research 
  • Be able to present their work in an appropriate and personalised manner
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