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Our Professional Training Course ‘Professional Practice’ will build your awareness of how to present work and yourself to fashion industry professionals in an interview or during a presentation of a project/business idea. The course will cover self-promotional tactics in the ever competitive job market, students will be advised on how to create a self-promotional package, including an updated CV, relevant online/social media platforms and other appropriate promotional tools including developing a focused and appropriate portfolio.

Portfolios will be focused on individual career paths and should be in the most appropriate format, eg paper based or digital (jpg/pdf files in a folder, CD, website, blog, vlog, and integrated media).


Material is introductory and designed to impart basic awareness of the topic. Fundamentals and key issues will be addressed. Our course is aimed for individuals looking to learn specific theories and principles and research skills as well as knowledge and understanding of professional requirements of fashion industry to boost their CV and awareness. This course is of particular interest to individuals wanting to develop a more coherent understanding of the promotional activities in fashion, how technological development has changed the promotional industry in fashion and what are the theories and frameworks used to create a successful promotional and marketing campaign in fashion.


This course helps learner to start career development planning and achieving set goals through lectures, workshops and opportunities to present to peers and tutors, gather feedback and participate in self-analysis and reflection, recognition of strengths and weaknesses and goal setting. Opportunities will be given to the development of a business idea, network and to formulate a long-term career/business plan or further study proposal.

This course also allows learners the time to reflect on the previous achievements and studies/ industry experience and to assess their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their chosen career direction.


You will gain an understanding on how to design a career plan and a professional development plan using techniques such as a SWOT analysis and proposing recommendations to yourself and/or your business idea. You will also be able to formulate a promotional self-campaign as well as understand how to develop a useful network in the industry, how to start a focused and relevant portfolio of projects that will gain you recognition and confidence when communicating with fashion industry professionals.

You will also be able to evaluate and understand the expectations of different job roles with in the fashion industry and if not yet sure of your career direction be able to choose the most suitable path to take.


The course starts off with introduction to the different areas of fashion industry and the main job roles and responsibilities within these. This allows the learners to develop an understanding of how their skillset and interests fit within the fashion industry. Learners are taken through different techniques to start career development planning and self-evaluation and assessment focusing on successful methods to present themselves and their work within their chosen area of interest to industry professionals. The course progresses into development of network, self-promotional materials such as an up to date CV, personal profile, cover letters, chosen and relevant online/social media platforms as well as learning ways to develop an industry focused portfolio.


• Be able to place yourself and your work in the context of your selected discipline
• Understand your specialist area and the career opportunities available
• Be able to develop and present a professional portfolio in an appropriate format
• Understand how to promote yourself and your work professionally


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