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Our Professional Training Course ‘Fashion Buying and Merchandising’ introduces you to the core aspects of this area of specialism in the current fashion industry. You will learn about the role of the fashion buyer and visual merchandiser and how these roles form the focus of succesfull range planning. The importance of knowing the customer is at the heart of successful buying, successful visual merchandising on the other hand drives the sales of products and solidifies the image of a brand in the market place. The relationship of these two in building successful marketing and branding strategies will be investigated during the module. Main key performance indicators that are used by the buying and merchandising teams to monitor results are investigated and the basics of academic theories on segmentation, consumer profiling and the product life cycle are covered during this module.


Material is introductory and designed to impart basic awareness of the topic. Fundamentals and key issues will be addressed. Our course is aimed for individuals looking to learn specific theories and principles and research skills as well as knowledge and understanding of professional requirements of Fashion Buying and Merchandising to boost their CV and awareness.


This course provides an understanding of the principles of different areas of fashion buying and merchandising. You will learn about the KPI’s and how succesfull buying can be measured and how to avoid pitfalls as a buyer. Theories and strategies used in contemporary merchandising will be covered, boosting the learner confidence in understanding the industry and helping to develop their eye for successful merchandising and buying techniques.


The lesson plan will take you through from the principles of fashion buying and merchandising to the different market levels and the main buying strategies as well as the steps to successful merchandising in a chosen market. Customer profiling and identifying a target market are also key elements of this course as they play an important role in a way products are merchandised to the selected audience, both on and offline. You will gain an up to date understanding of the fashion industry, buying and merchandising today as well as future trends and developments within it.


The course covers the following themes:

  • Introduction to Fashion buying
  • Introduction to Fashion merchandising
  • Research techniques in Fashion Buying and Merchandising
  • Customer profiling and buying habits
  • Trends in fashion buying and merchandising-current, future
  • Field trip, market research of chosen market segment
  • Competitor analysis, KPI’s 
  • Range planning, working with brands, buying for a specific store


  • Understand the basics of fashion buying and merchandising 
  • Understand the role of fashion buyer in the fashion industry
  • Understand the role of merchandising in successful promotion and selling a clothing collection
  • Be able to name and comprehend the use of KPI’s in fashion buying and merchandising
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