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Our Professional Training Course ‘Digital Media and CAD’ will enable to develop your skills with digital media, combined with the ability to translate ideas from research and drawings into computer-aided design work and visuals. You will be given the opportunity to develop knowledge of industry specific design software and you will be able to communicate ideas using specialist CAD packages. You will also learn about digital media in fashion and its different uses as well as future applications in the industry.
Learners will broaden their awareness of the benefits of using digital media inside and beyond the remit of art and design.


Material is introductory and designed to impart basic awareness of the topic. Fundamentals and key issues will be addressed. Our course is aimed for individuals looking to learn specific theories and principles and skills as well as knowledge and understanding of professional requirements of fashion industry, specifically the application of CAD and digital media in fashion. This will enable the learners to produce a more professional portfolio and build their awareness and skill set.


This course provides an understanding and basic skills in CAD for fashion as well as the different uses of digital media in the fashion industry today. It will enable learners to produce more professional presentations and work as well as build a stronger portfolio. It also helps with gaining knowledge around the subject matter.


The course will introduce you to the basic tools and actions to be able to use selected design packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You will learn to visualise your fashion designs in a professional manner and will gain skills to start drafting your technical drawings with the use of CAD. You will also be given lectures on the use of digital media in fashion and its different applications in the fashion industry today.


The course starts off with introducing digital media in fashion progressing into focusing on learning selected CAD packages as well as new technological developments within digital media in fashion. The learner will produce a folder of CAD work including technical drawings, textile designs as well as fashion illustrations with step by step notes on how to achieve what was learnt in the lessons.


  • Be able to understand how digital media has enhanced the brand image in the fashion industry
  • Be able to use the Adobe Suite in the fashion and design sector
  • Have the ability to create professional format visualisations using digital means to clearly communicate design intentions
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