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This module builds upon introductory knowledge and skills in fashion branding and the branding process to enable you to examine the fashion market and associated marketing environment.

It explores branding and communication in the context of the fashion industry. Students will learn the basics of how branding is used in fashion to differentiate between different market levels and how promotion and marketing tie in with the branding process and positioning in the market. The relationship between online and offline branding will also be explored and how successful branding drives businesses forward in fashion.


Material is introductory and designed to impart basic awareness of the topic. Fundamentals and key issues will be addressed. Our course is aimed for individuals looking to learn specific theories and principles and research skills as well as knowledge and understanding of the branding process of fashion industry to boost their CV and awareness. This course is of particular interest to individuals wanting to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the importance of successful branding and positioning fashion, how technological development has changed the promotional industry in fashion and what are the theories and frameworks used to create a successful branding campaign in fashion.


This course helps learner to understand what branding in fashion means, how successful branding equals profitable business and what are the components and the process of branding when creating a new fashion label or when entering the market as a new designer.

The course will give learner knowledge on how to implement a branding strategy to a start up business idea or how to rebrand an existing business to gain more visibility or attract a new target market.


You will gain an understanding on how branding in fashion works in different market levels, what are the steps to take in order to create a branding strategy, a short history into branding, when it started and how it has developed throughout times as well as what the changes in technology mean for fashion branding.


The course starts off with introduction to fashion branding and continues through case studies to describe the branding process A to B, what to consider when starting a brand and what are the frameworks in place to support this process. The course continues through the marketing mix into ways to align business communications with the vision to create a unified and identifiable brand. An option of creating a branding strategy for your own business idea or rebranding someone else’s business will be explored in order to create a project that runs throughout the course duration.


• Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of fashion branding
• Critically review the effect of the branding process in the fashion industry
• Analyse the effect of changing communications landscape in relation to successful brand development
• Evaluate the different aspects of a branding campaign in relation to consumers

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