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This module describes how to create web pages using different techniques, such as xHTML, CSS, Javascript and use of the Adobe software Dreamweaver. The complete module is hands-on based. A practical web design project at the end of the module will ensure that you go through website creation process by planning, creating structure, coding, using different web design software, buying you website a domain name, hosting and uploading website to a live server.


Our Web Design Module is aimed for creative individuals looking to learn specific techniques or a professional in search of skills to boost their CV. This course also provides a strong understanding of the principals of creating or maintaining website for yourself or for others. This module also helps business owners to get more control and insight into their website. This module is designed for complete beginners of web design. No previous coding background is required.


This course is designed to keep up with the rapid pace of the creative sector, developing not only your skills and knowledge, but giving you room to specialise in what interests you. This course provides an understanding of the principles of different areas of digital graphic design industry and theories and strategies used in contemporary digital media, boosting the learner confidence in understanding the industry and helping to develop their eye for design and successful marketing and promotion tactics.


This module is designed to make you think, respond and produce dynamic creative work. You will develop an in-depth conceptual and technical knowledge of web designing, looking at live projects production. You will have the opportunity to communicate ideas and concepts related to personal, corporate and commercial environments, also clients, audience and individuals.


The ability to create modern, functional web page layouts is highly valued by many different types of businesses these days, as well as design companies. It is also important to be able to produce accurately digital documents to a professional standard. By the end of the module you will be able to use software like Adobe Dreamweaver to its full creative potential for a variety of different outputs.


  • Be able to create HTML code using an editor
  • Produce web pages using HTML code
  • Edit HTML code using advance HTML code
  • Enhance web pages by incorporating visual elements
  • Edit HTML code to include JavaScript and Java Applets
  • Produce web pages using JavaScript and Java Applets
  • Access a web server in order to establish URL
  • Upload HTML, test and evaluate related files to web server
  • Demonstrate skills of critical awareness, communication, group work and self-reflection in response to your own work and that of others.



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