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In this unit you will investigate the context in which digital publishing products exist as well as their purposes and uses. The learner will gain knowledge and the appropriate skills required for the design and development of digital publishing products as well as an overview of how to source materials and combine them. You will learn to organize and manage the production of a digital publishing product, plan and prepare content suitably and create interactivity between text, images and graphics. You will also test your completed publishing product on different publishing platforms and then publish your finished digital publishing product.


This module will introduce learners to a range of Digital Publishing and display techniques used in the industry providing an opportunity for learners to apply all the techniques in presenting a display of goods appealing to a targeted customers. Case studies and personal experiences, as both a customer and retail employee will be used so that learners gain an understanding of the psychological techniques both tangible and intangible techniques retailers use to persuade customers to buy.


This course is designed to keep up with the rapid pace of the creative sector, developing not only your skills and knowledge, but giving you room to specialise in what interests you. This course provides an understanding of the principles of different areas of digital graphic design industry and theories and strategies used in contemporary digital media, boosting the learner confidence in understanding the industry and helping to develop their eye for design and successful marketing and promotion tactics.


This module is designed to make you think, respond and produce dynamic creative work. You will develop your design and practical skills to standards that will impress the retailers you deal with, learning to source stunning materials, graphics and equipment to carry out your ideas, and to negotiate with suppliers to get the best deal. You will work on projects that will direct you to develop leadership and management skills to get the best out of your team, and learn to use a range of business and design software.


This module provides an excellent overview of every aspect of publishing, with an emphasis on digital publishing. The Digital Publishing module combines theory with practice and provides scope to develop specialist skills required for career development. You will leave the module with a broad understanding of the key issues facing the publishing industry in the 21st century and a wide range of publishing and general management skills, including advanced IT skills, to help you succeed in the industry.


  • Understand the uses and advantages of digitally published products.
  • Explore how text, images, graphics and interactive elements are combined in a digitally published product.
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of digital tools for publishing production
  • Develop an appropriate concept for a digital publishing product with adequate planning.
  • Produce digitally an appropriate publishing product, which shows an adequate interpretation of the brief


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