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By investigating the potential of digital media through research and completion of a portfolio of tasks you will develop skills in image creating, editing, pattern design, drawing using vector graphics and design of graphics and text useful in the creation and presentation of work in many fields.


Our course is aimed for creative individuals looking to learn specific techniques or a professional in search of skills to boost their CV. This course also provides a strong understanding of the principals of visual language, boosting the learner confidence in decision making and helping to develop their eye for design.


This course provides an understanding of the principles of different areas of digital graphic design industry and theories and strategies used in contemporary digital media, boosting the learner confidence in understanding the industry and helping to develop their eye for design and successful marketing and promotion tactics.


You will have the opportunity to communicate ideas and concepts related to personal, corporate and commercial environments, also clients, audience and individuals. Identify presentation formats such as size, form, shape and surface. Explore the use of drawing components based on the formal elements used in the design field: line, form, tone, texture, colour, contour and a range of different presentation formats.


The ability to create modern, functional page layouts is highly valued by many different types of businesses these days, as well as design companies. It is also important to be able to produce accurately printed documents to a professional standard. By the end of the course you will be able to use software to its full creative potential for a variety of different outputs.


  • Explore a wide range of the formal elements of 2D visual language such as line, tone, texture, composition, shape, form, volume, scale and visual space and how they interact with each other.
  • Produce coherent 2D works that explore the potential of digital techniques, process and language, using different media.
  • Analyse ideas visually from a wide variety of sources, as starting points for digital experimentation e.g. nature, the human figure, work by other artists, the mass media, own imagination.
  • Find solutions to refine and complete digital work resolving successfully a wide range of type effects applying format type techniques using character settings, and layer properties effectively.
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