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In this module you will study the fundamental principles of creative communication and the organizational and global business contexts within which they function. The learner will develop key practical skills such as how to undertake research, how to create an advertising campaign, how to write convincingly, how to build a brand and how to present to a client. You’ll learn how to pitch your work to a creative team and take on board feedback.


Our Branding Module is aimed for creative individuals looking to learn specific techniques or a professional in search of skills to boost their CV, focusing on a stimulating list of study options to suit your interests or career choice such as working within an advertising agency, managing creative teams, international marketing, consumer analysis, social media and lots more.


This course is designed to keep up with the rapid pace of the creative sector, developing not only your skills and knowledge, but giving you room to specialise in what interests you. This course provides an understanding of the principles of different areas of digital graphic design industry and theories and strategies used in contemporary digital media, boosting the learner confidence in understanding the industry and helping to develop their eye for design and successful marketing and promotion tactics.


This module is designed to make you think, respond and produce dynamic creative work. You will develop an in-depth conceptual and technical knowledge of web designing, looking at live projects production. You will have the opportunity to communicate ideas and concepts related to personal, corporate and commercial environments, also clients, audience and individuals.


With this module you will learn the fundamentals of brand identity briefs and what a good brand identity has to do and be by examining good and bad examples of brand identities and lead into creating logos process to critically identify brand identity routes to continue building your own pathway in the industry.


  • Produce work which demonstrates a clear understanding of the problems inherent in communicating a corporate message
  • Produce imaginative visual images that effectively communicate a corporate message
  • Apply the corporate identity to a diverse range of applications
  • Evaluate the corporate identity forms in terms of how effectively it communicates
  • Make a critical analysis of current corporate identities and understand the factors affecting corporate identity



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