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Camera Operator

General Tasks
• Assembling, preparing and setting up equipment prior to filming, which may include tripods, monitors, lighting, cables and leads and headphones.
• Offering advice on how best to shoot a scene and explaining the visual impact created by particular shots.
• Planning and practicing the camera moves required for pre-arranged shots.
• Finding solutions to technical or other practical problems in the field.
• Being prepared to innovate and experiment with ideas.
• Working quickly, especially as timing is such an important factor.
• Taking sole responsibility in situations where only one camera operator is involved in the filming.
• Liaise with members of the public on location and be prepared to ask questions at the scene of a news story.
• Working directly with correspondents, reporters and presenters, you will advise and assist with editing where required.
• Demonstrating a good awareness of health and safety issues.

• Report to the head of media or a member of the Videoblogg management team.
• Carry out the assigned projects allocated by the management team.
• Uploading edited video media to Videoblogg website.
• Work with our team to create engaging and visually impressive short form video content.
• Being part of the idea generation process with the editorial teams on brands.
• Create one-off pieces of video content as well as our web series.
• Focus on what our audience will want to view and share.
• Being comfortable in a fast-paced, quick-turnaround environment.
• Aim for your editorial colleagues to learn production and editing basics, in order to assist you with the creation of video.
• Sharing videos to social media sites to raise brand awareness.

Job Requirements
• Excellence in camera skills, using DSLR cameras – you will be the primary camera operator on video shoots for your subject area.
• Owning and using your own camera equipment.
• Proficiency in lighting, using LED panel lights and other lighting techniques.
• Proficiency in audio production. Our aim is to make videographers independent of each other, so you will record your own sound in most situations.
• Demonstrated creativity in editing on Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.
• Proficiency in Adobe After Effects, as required for post-production of editorial video.
• Ability to build strong relationships with editorial colleagues.
• Strong creative ideas on how to turn great editorial ideas in to winning videos.
• A strong sense of visual style, to help our brands strengthen their identity in moving pictures.
• An immersive understanding of the pop culture and digital content, with a passion for getting your work shared on social media platforms.
• A can-do attitude and sense of fun!

If interested please send your CV and cover letter to: Seleste Bonin

Candidates are required to do the following before an interview:
1. Register as a vlogger on
2. Video review a recent movie, book, theatre or tv show (video phone will suffice) and upload to the site for us to discuss.
3. Follow us on twitter: @realvideoblogg
4. Research the site in preparation for interview.
5. Forward the link to us once the video has been uploaded; along with CV.  He/She will then be contacted for an interview and subsequent trial day.

Streatham, London
Lunch and travel covered
10AM - 6PM
Start Date
Ongoing throughout the year
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Ongoing throughout the year
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