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Home Stylist

Do you have a sense for style?
We are looking for an exceptional Home Stylist to join Personal Shopping.

Main requirements and tasks:
• You will be sales and service driven and knowledgeable about Non-Fashion product within our store.
• You’ll relish the opportunity to work with a wide variety of Harrods clients and enjoy working alongside your team to meet departmental goals.
• A charismatic and confident team player, you’ll nurture strong relationships with your customers, listening closely to gauge what they want.
• No matter how much or how little the client plans to spend, you’ll ensure they leave with items perfectly suited to their requirements.
• With a keen eye for cross-selling opportunities, you’ll make sure to maximise each appointment to exceed challenging sales targets.
• You will enjoy the flexibility to move around the store to find whatever the client needs, calling on your consistently up-to-date knowledge of all our home, technology and furniture brands to pinpoint particular items.
• Ideally, you will have a background in Home, Technology or Furniture, displaying expert industry and brand knowledge.
• You may have a degree in design, or have tailored your skills through great sales training.
• It is essential you can demonstrate clienteling experience, a true commitment to customer service, and examples of times you have excelled within a team.

If successful, you will receive in-depth training across all departments and brands, building on your existing knowledge to turn you into a true expert.

If you could provide a world-class personal shopping experience, we want to hear from you.

London - Knightsbridge
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