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de Gournay
Graphic Design Internship

The role is extremely varied and busy, involving image renderings, invitations, marketing material, presentations for clients, and much more, all on a global scale.

Typical activities will include helping me with things such as:

- producing marketing material for the company, which is distributed worldwide
- designing invitations and special limited-edition materials (anything from candle holders, to notebooks, to tote bags to wrapping paper) for international events (these are the really fun projects which provide completely invaluable experience!),
- producing the layout for in-house presentations used to showcase our products to clients
- large-scale marketing material such as our big collections books which are distributed to select designers and showrooms around the world
- doing image editing and renderings
- No coffee runs!

This is a very broad overview of a typical day as a graphic designer at de Gournay - The great thing about this internship is that there are so many different projects to work on and the work is all so varied that the intern would gain experience over multiple areas. There are never two days which are the same and days are always busy, full of fun and completely different projects.

As we are a small showroom in Chelsea, there is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere which makes coming into work every day such a pleasure.

Interested candidates should send their CV and cover letter to Amy Davidson at:

Full time (preferably) /Part time
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minimum 3 Months
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